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getting back after a long time away

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  • getting back after a long time away

    I wonder if someone could tell me what sort of handheld telescope i can buy for spotting trails as they pass over I have a pair of 10x 50 binoculars but sometimes the a/c are still pretty small i'm not looking for a set that can read the reg neccessarily but something that can give me a good view of the particular a/c
    many years ago I had a scope that was given to me that 2 control wheels on top it was about 14inches long and its zoom was somewere around 10x30x30 i think so something along those lines would be ideal but don't know where to look
    many thanks

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    In my experience, if you can justify the expense, the Canon IS binoculars are best. I have three pairs and the easiest to use are the 10x30. I also have 15x45 and 18x50. A high mag scope is no good. The field of view is small and the high magnification accentuates shake.

    Everyone I know swears by them. The IS makes up for the magnification and the light transmission is excellent.

    Go along to a dealer and try out a pair. You will be surprised at the result.

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