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Good Morning LHR , and UK

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  • Good Morning LHR , and UK

    Morning scanhorse, excuse my ignorance mate, but where is ESML ?
    Just wondered, tell me to mind my own business if you want LOL LOL.

    Well here this morning, it is mainly cloudy, but with the odd break to give a bit of blue sky every now and then.
    Not too good for visual spotting, not much coming out of LHR currently.
    However, all is not lost...because my local airfield is operating, the only trouble is the traffic from there is boring Cessnas and the odd chopper, well at least it is something I suppose.
    The wind is registering on my instrument at between 5 and 8mph from the North East and the pressure is 1010mb and steady.Visibility is fair.
    So it will be a pretty mundane day weatherwise and indeed aircraft wise out of LHR.


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    Well today, Wed the 31 of August 2011, is very cloudy with no breaks in the cloud, it is warm with an outside Temp of 24degs c, the Barometric pressure is 989mb and the wind is light from the North West at 2mph.
    The Hygrometer is showing 62% making it a "muggy" feel to the day under the cloud.

    So not a good day for viewing, the forecast is for much of the same for the next 48hrs.



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      Hi Bill
      As I made You Your own little corner here
      I link the ESML post answer here ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt


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        A couple of archive incidents

        Good morning everyone, now dont tell me off, because I am putting these two stories in here, I cannot find a place to put them that deals with Archive incidents, dont give me hard time .
        Anyway when I was a young chap, knee high to a keyboard so to speak, I lived in Coventry and in 1949, "yep" as long ago as that I was looking at planes, one day I was outside and heard the noise of a Dakota, as I remember it was a clear day and I could see the aircraft quite clearly, but then, to my horror out the corner of my eye I saw another plane and before I could weigh up the situation the two planes met and a mid air collision happened, I stood there horrified. I remember it to this day. The aircraft involved were Anson VV243 2 ANS and the Dakota G-AHCW.
        Debri fell and I watched it all.

        Also at Coventry in 1994, a Boeing 737 of Air Algerie 7T - VEE came down in a wooded area just south of the City Centre whilst on finals to Coventry Airport with poor visibilty, the airplane actually clipped a house on its way down. It was on a Freight flight into and out of Coventry, sadly all 5 on board were killed.

        Ok move it then, I have probably put it in the wrong place.

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