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    Does anyone have a point of view on the Celestron 15x70 binoculars for runway and high altitude viewing?

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    In my experience, high powered binoculars are useless for viewing aircraft at altitude. The higher the magnification, the geater the movement when observing an aircraft. For 15 times magnification, one needs a tripod and using one to follow a moving aircraft, at altitude, is pretty hard. And the high magnification binoculars tend to be heavier and less comfortable to use.

    I have a pair of 25x100, tripod mounted binoculars. Great for watching ships at sea or the moon and planets. Not so good for aircraft. Instead I use a pair of Canon image stabilised 10x30. The stabilisation makes up for the magnification. My Canon IS 18x50 are much heavier and, when the wife's not looking, I'll treat myself to a pair of Canon IS 10x42.

    The bottom line is find a good retailer and try out as many as you can. You may be surprised at the differences. I have an early post-war German pair, 6x30. Very light and comfortable with good optics. Far better than the Swift 10x50 I thought would be an improvement. But that was before image stabilisation became affordable.


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      Thanks for the advice Mike. It I already have some 10x42, was looking for something more powerful and don’t mind using a tripod
      I was thinking of using it for stargazing too. I will take them to the airport but won’t be looking the aircraft for a long period of time. Still torn between 12x60 and 15x70. I sway towards the 15x as I think the x12 would be too similar to my 10x