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UK airport spotting location for disabled

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  • UK airport spotting location for disabled

    Hi everyone,

    Need some advice, my wife loves watching commercial jets both taking off and landing. We live in the east midlands and so go to east midlands airport EGNX as much as we can. The viewing areas there are awesome and work out for her needs. The problem is that she has a disability which really limits how far she can walk and how long she can stand for. The areas at EGNX work really well as I can get the car really close and so she can remain sitting in the car when she is having a bad day with her health.

    What I am trying to find is other airports that I could take her too but am struggling to find out much information about where the viewing locations are and what they are like to get to. Can people please suggest either websites that might have the information that might help me find places to take her, or does anyone know of viewing locations that might be suitable for me to take her to?

    I am looking for airports that are more towards the midlands area. As for the limits on her mobility on a good day she can walk up to around 100m on relatively flat level ground, on a bad day she is lucky to be able to walk more than 10m.

    Thank you in advance.