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N131PR quarter mile parallel lines flight pattern

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  • N131PR quarter mile parallel lines flight pattern

    last night i was outside and noticed a low, slow flying aircraft on a flight pattern that didn't look familiar. it seemed to be going back and forth in the same line across the sky. checked flightradar and it's a dc3 at about 10k puttering along at 150mph. flight path was a series of parallel lines spaced about a quarter to half a mile apart. you can check the flight here:

    i figure this is some kind of survey, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas what it could be.

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    Be hard to tell. They are a platform for whoever hires

    "The AIRtec fleet includes fixed and rotary-wing aircraft all specially modified for a variety of surveillance, science, airborne telemetry and range safety applications. We will buy and modify any platform to meet unique mission requirements."

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      From the patterns and the locations I'd suggest a hi-res photographic flight. Various authorities keep their land use mapping up to date this way. As Oblivian writes, the operator offers a broad range of services and it doesn't give any specific hints.

      Incidentally the aircraft is a modified DC3 with turboprop engines and is registered as a Basler BT-67.