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    I saw some unidentified flying object in the sky at 18:50 Berlin time passing over Kassel, Germany. It looked like it overtook some plane that I couldnot identify properly. I guess the airliner which was heading southwards must have been one of these: EWG1UR, IBK36GT or SAS1885. The unidentified object made no trails in the sky. The visibility was very good. I ve got one photo but the object is only a small white patch which kind of is escorting the airplane. I ask myself if pilots of one of this airliner could see something.
    Thanks for help.

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    Where was the Sun at the time? Presumably still fairly high in the sky.


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      My confusion.

      Originally posted by Stealth View Post
      Where was the Sun at the time? Presumably still fairly high in the sky.
      Thank you for Involvement. The sun was near horizon, but it had still 3 Hours till dawn.

      Now I checked roots of the 3 airliners in the post above. And my conclusion is that I was confused by the perspective. The airliner SAS1885 was flying some 39000 ft high, 470 kts fast and was farther away from me at 16:55 UTC compared to the flight EWG1UR which was lower flying at 35000 ft, faster with 490kts and nearer to me. So the second was too low to make Trails. First flight was at 16:55 more south than the second but because the second was nearer to me and Little faster it appeared to overtake SAS1885. I used data from flightradar24 and put it on the Google Maps manually. The viewing angle at both Aircraft from my perspective of view in Kassel was decisive.
      Sorry for possible typoes.


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        Good that you worked it out. I thought that it was possible that you had seen a low satellite. A few like the ISS can be very bright, however the Sun above the horizon would not have given suitable conditions.