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The Mystery of Flight FR8000

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  • The Mystery of Flight FR8000

    Hi Folks,

    Yesterday, I was doing a bit of random spotting and by chance came across Ryanair flight in progress tracking over Saskatchewan in Canada. The flight originated in Seattle from the Boeing Airport and was destined for Dublin Ireland.

    As this was a long haul flight I left it for a few hours and connected with it again South of Iceland. It was noted on FR24 as a brand new plane and I decided to follow its progress with great interest. Living close to Dublin Airport I got my camera ready to capture its arrival.

    Plenty of Ryanair aircraft landing at this time at about 19.35 in the evening. This new plane was on final approach or so I thought just minutes from landing so I kept clicking to record its arrival. No sign of a new Ryanair Boeing!

    I returned to my FR24 screen and searched in vain for a record of its landing at the airport. Not a trace of it?

    Later I used the playback facility to find it but still no luck.

    I wonder if anyone out there can shed some light on this?

    Many thanks.

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    If it was not up to date in the database, some playback/identification issues would occur.
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