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How do you spot? Numbers or frames?

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  • How do you spot? Numbers or frames?

    Hello all,

    What rules do you guys have for spotting?

    - Number or frame? If a serial numbet changes like it moves to another operator, do you still count it? After all the reg may have changed but it is the same air frame.
    Especially when operators like Norwegian keep messing about with serial changes and can't decide on being LN or EI !

    - Works frames, would you count A6-EOD if you saw it as F-WWSY?
    I've got a A6- ticked off as I seen it as F-WWSL, but the book didn't know what the serial will become.

    - Overheads, I assume we all count these? I only count them if I can either see the plane pretty clearly (not a little bit of it and use bino's to help), make out the operator and if I'm not sure I won't jot anything down.

    I do not tick off any overheads in the dark, just seeing strobes is not a count. I do count them if they are landing and I can see it in a distance, but I must see a tail to point to it.

    What do you do?


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    I tend to log aircraft registrations with a photo, dont log overheads as technically havent seen them. Just my opinion.

    Kind regards
    Simon Fewkes

    EASA PPL (A)
    Keen Aviation Photographer


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      I log registrations. If a plane moves operator and changes reg then I lose it from my list. Overheads I only count if I can clearly see or photograph to confirm airline etc., then I will believe what FR24 tells me about the reg.
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      Rex Jarvis.
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        Sounds like just what I do

        I count OTT's providing I can make out the plane but in order to get the serial off FR24 I must be able to ID thd livery too. Emirates for example is pretty easy as there is a red square with Emirates on it underneath


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          I use both the registration number and aircraft number. I get as much detail as I can for each plane I log

          Spotting Qatar Airways/Cargo planes