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Boeing 737 with no ADS-B?

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  • Boeing 737 with no ADS-B?

    I'm no expert, but I was under the impression that all modern Boeings and Airbus have ADS-B.

    Today, I watched on FR24 as a plane approached my local airport and noticed that it was being tracked by MLAT. It was in an area where I always expect my receiver to pick up a plane, and my receiver was operational and showing other planes in the vicinity and further away. When I switched to Radar View, sure enough it was not being received by my receiver.

    Anyone any idea why this aircraft apparently is not equipped with ADS-B? It's a Boeing 737-86N, MSN 32691, Reg. VQ-BUV, operated by Nordwind Airlines out of Moscow (SVO).

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    There are many Airbus and Boeing aircraft without ADS-B. Either it's broken or has been disabled. SAS SE-RES is missing ADS-B. One or two EnterAir are missing ADS-B. Romanian BlueAir are missing ADS-B. Almost all Southwest 737 are without ADS-B. Generally ADS-B is often disabled in US including recently delivered A321 MSN 7xxx. So if an Airbus or Boeing is missing ADS-B check if it has been used with an US airline before.


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      Thanks Mike. That's really useful. I've never seen it before down here in Crete.