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    Norwegian Air Shuttle will acquire two Boeing 787-8s on lease from ILFC for delivery in late 2012, on a 12 year lease

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    Do you think Boeing will have any B787 ready in 2012?


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      Well i thought that when i looked at the date, but who knows, some sort of magic fix will only make it happen, or if not, i feel in my bones that Boeing could possibly scrap the 787 project because it is draining Boeings bank account and tech problems one after the other, this cannot go on and Boeing needs that magic dust to clear the black cloud that's been hanging about since day one
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        The production schedule is more or less set. Boeing will have around 50 aircraft built and awaiting pre-delivery tests when the certification is received after the new year. Most of the aircraft already built will then go to San Antonio for reqiured modofications and pre delivery testing. Cancelling the project now is simply not an option.
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