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Major incident on Europe sky

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  • Major incident on Europe sky

    ‘Unprecedented’: 13 aircraft mysteriously disappear from radars in heart of Europe:

    A total of 13 aircraft suddenly vanished off radars for about 25 minutes on two occasions over Austria and neighboring countries, Austria's flight safety monitor said, calling for an EU probe into the “unprecedented” incidents.

    The flights vanished from air traffic controllers’ screens in Austria on June 5 and June 10 for 25 minutes each time, Marcus Pohanka of Austro Control – Austria’s flight safety organization – said Thursday.

    Air traffic control in neighboring regions of Germany and the Czech Republic also reported similar problems.

    Pohanka said the location, height, and identity of the 13 aircraft vanished over Austria both times, in what he called “unprecedented” incidents, AP reported.

    He added that some neighboring countries had experienced similar problems. The daily Kurier, based in Vienna, elaborated that similar problems were experienced by flight controllers in Munich and Karlsruhe in Germany and in Prague, Czech Republic.

    Excitement around Nato-sturgeon transmitter
    Also the Austro Control supposes Nato manoeuvre as a cause for disturbed air traffic control.

    Now after the failure of the civil air traffic control systems the last Thursday rules big excitement. Conspiracy theorists suppose an electronic poster of the Americans as a cause. And at the authorities one tries to kalmieren.
    Like him CURE reported, the airplanes of the screens of the Austro Control disappeared Thursday from 14 o'clock. Some appeared again to disappear once more. Obvious the Transponder of the jets had fallen out by the dozen. Those data transmitters which transmit the Austro Control flight altitude, course and speed. This signified a burned situation for the flight pilots. Since they have to guarantee a free from problems expiry of about 4000 overflights over Austria.

    Manual operation

    The Austro Control switched over to manual operation. Additional flight pilots were used and other airspaces were opened as well as the safe distances were increased. The positions of the airmen were questioned on speech radio. Thus the system failure could be got over without collision.

    At the same time the air traffic control headquarters were also concerned in Karlsruhe, Prague and Bratislava.
    The COURIER could bring in experience that precisely at this time in Hungary a Nato practise took place for electronic fight guidance (EloKa). Practise purpose was to block the Transponder of airplanes with sturgeon transmitters. Besides, a mistake might be passed, and the sturgeon signal spread over half Europe.

    Austro Control speaker Markus Pohanka divides the suspicion that a workplace accident has been the cause in NATO also. Compared with the APA he explained: ' Cause for the failure a Nato practise could have been in Hungary. ' Otherwise the Austro Control speaker tries to kalmieren. The failure has lasted only 25 minutes. According to the information, to him CURE are, it lasted in Austria till 17 o'clock and in the neighboring countries till 19.30 o'clock.

    NATO delivers in such cases usually no statement. Probably, however, the announcement released different conspiracy theories. Thus possibly one courier's poster supposed that the Americans disturbed the radar to bring illegally an airplane through Europe. However, this is no logical theory. Since in this case they would have had to disturb the radar system of the federal army. Since the army with his active system 'golden bonnet' sees in contrast to Austro Control also those airplanes which have switched on no Transponder. Most highly Michael Bauer, speaker of the ministry of defense, sticks to the fact that the military radar has gone on working all the time freely of disturbance.

    Another link from Austrian news:
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      I have heard rumors that MLAT, instead of secondary radar, is used by ATC in this area and that this MLAT network was down due to 1090 Mhz interference. We have checked our data for this area on both occasions and can't find any abnormalities in our data.


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        I had to inform myself about MLAT, and it seems like a logical explanation. ** Made in Slovenia ** Three times-consequtive place on NASA challenges


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          According to Austrian newspapers, the 2nd blackout took place on June 10th, 10.45 UTC for 3 flights in high hight. The solar flare took place at approx 1 hour later, so this is not the primary cause. The newspaper "Die Presse" speculates about a "special" AWACS operation in northern Italy and an unidentified object at Rammstein air base.

          However, some comments spotted an yet unreported anomaly on that day: jumps in GPS-navigation in the order of 100 meters, inaccurate fix. Is somebody investigating in this direction?

          (I don't know if MLAT is used - the system according to the Austro Control webpage was installed 2013:
          he new system is a joint development by five ANSPs, based on Thales Air Systems’ TopSky technology. The ANSPs of Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden joined forces with the manufacturer in the partnership COOPANS (Cooperation between ANS Providers) expecting to achieve a major reduction in development costs. The first COOPANS systems of this sort entered service in Ireland (Shannon and Dublin) in 2011. Sweden (Malmö) and Denmark (Copenhagen) were next, in 2012, and Stockholm has followed suit this year.
          But if MLAT is used, a proper timebase is essential. Such time bases are often synchronised over GPS)


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            Originally posted by analysis View Post

            However, some comments spotted an yet unreported anomaly on that day: jumps in GPS-navigation in the order of 100 meters, inaccurate fix. Is somebody investigating in this direction?
            Oh .. James Bond got involved. Many years ago, in one of James Bond's Movie - someone use a portable device to shift GPS accuracy and did succeed to cause chaos !
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              There are errors in the GPS signal. To spot these errors there are ground stations around the world that picks up GPS signals and sends up a corrected signal to the GPS satellites. Due to the conflict between Russia and USA, Russia have threatened to closed down the ground stations based in Russia from 1 June. I don't know if this really happened but if yes, that could possibly affect that accuracy of the GPS signal over Russia.