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    Could any one tell me why the FDR has such a limited range transmitter and short battery life? Thanks Martin

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    Because they are expected to be in an object that can be found by means of visual or radar within a short period of time of the aircraft being listed as lost/crashed. Which in the most recent case as we have found, relies on the onboard equipment working to be effective.

    When it is not and out in the middle of the ocean larger than any continent of land. It makes it difficult to locate. 30 days give or take is not a short period. In this day of age we should be able to locate a plane on standard flightpaths, or downed aircraft within 3 days. Sadly, the recent event will now bring a re-think to this theory and likely an entire new push of changes/technology.
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      I could be wrong , but so far I have read and learnt,
      FDR( Black Box ) will beep till 30 days ( battery dies after that ) and max 8000m water pressure it can bear,
      while here in this case,..the oceans are 16000+ deep,….

      also like last time, if it is hiding below the ocean in some trenches/ valleys, it’s too difficult to trace its signals. Even submarines go only 500m deep, out of say 5000+ meter ( 16000+feet ) deep ocean here, so even for submarines, to get its ping-call would be very difficult !

      The other guy CVR – cockpit voice recorder – its battery dies after 45 days, and that records only cockpit voices every two hours and overwrites the old,.. so in this case, the plane has flew more hours, and hence say,.. if it was a ghost/all dead flight in last two hours, means it should be having NO recordings.


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        These three videos provide a good know-how about how this device works,..
        ( old ones )


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          Given the MH370 incident and Air France incident, I wonder if manufacturers will look at making data recorders that will send a signal for longer in future? Along with other changes to make aircraft easier to track, of course.


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            May I sound ridiculous here, but in today’s' age when we can talk to Mars rovers and also we already communicated to the Moon in the waaaaaay back in 50-60s,
            This device (BB) and its capacity seems and sounds truly ridiculous, a worse than any Kid’s toy !
            Sure,.. we can do a loooooooot better.
            We can make the battery lasting a way longer,...
            We can rather make another pairing device, that both these twin bros. will attract each other and the other finding device on the ground can find its lost bro. up to 300-1200 miles and no matter in deep oceans of 16000 feet,..
            We can make 5-7 such devices be fitted on the plane, so should not depend on only one.

            We can attach some parachute balloon or some arrangement to it, which will inflate when it touches the water and it will try to make it surface on the water, as if some parachute guy with its umbrella lands on ocean.
            Can be made of the material or tire-tube ring around it, so it will never sink, but will float.

            And, more to it while studying the animals' behavior and their liking and disliking ( say whale or shark, dolphin, seal, ..etc ) attach some chemicals to it, which will attract shark, make them feed something getting crazy and rolling over the ocean doing more mischief,.. etc and then you need to only find those fish tornado/whirling areas, 'Coz rest of the work has been done by them,...

            Like in any earthquakes, we use dogs to find the bodies from rubble,.....pigeons to forecast the earthquakes,....
            smart cats/seals to find a ball thrown into the river-water,.... at some places, even monkeys who climb 80 meter trees to bring the coconuts for you,....
            Sure,.. we can use some smart animals' instinct here too !

            The whole thing is,... on the other hand,
            the satellite pings recordation time should be every 15 minutes ( and not 5 hours ), every plane should give its full report via satellite every 15 minute,
            and it should be a must requirement, per the International standard flying law,..
            and that will solve all major problems and you know 99% accurately where the plane was last caught.

            Also the trasnsponder should be atleast 2-3, on plane's outer roof top, ( Non-turning OFF ) which will handsake with a satellite.
            Now,...No matter if someone turns off the transponder and other all communication switches,.. But the satellite still will catch it.

            No wonder that, Chandrika's family said this incident as,...This is science at its worst and humans at their worst for this MH370 scenerio.
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              Not the roof top - if there is a fire it's incinerated quickly, on the tail somewhere - ideally something that would break off in one piece and float if something happens

              A full report won't help prevent the final outcome - you'll just know the cause of an incident and the system would be very expensive to install and run.

              You just need to know where to look, simple GPS position tracking transmitted to satellite would do it.

              That said a data burst of key info sent at the instant of a 5G deceleration would probably be very helpful.


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                Originally posted by peterhr View Post
                You just need to know where to look, simple GPS position tracking transmitted to satellite would do it.
                Yup., and that’s what surprises me,.. now a days even the cops use this technology to track the culprit,…
                they put some kind of sticky magnet GPS locator device stuck to your car
                and secretly keeps the track-record of where your car drives, where it goes,..( whom you meet ) etc
                and if so,.
                How come the black box can not be traced?

                Perhaps those 16000+ feet of water depth, makes it a lot mute, to transmit any signals to satellite.

                btw,. these 3-5 videos about transponder are very interesting.


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