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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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  • Originally posted by Jenneth View Post
    It is important to understand what is a fact and what is speculation.

    I prefer seeing facts, and I make my own speculations based on the facts. I do not like being fed other people's speculations presented as facts.
    So if you think that the flight was captured by a bunch of rainbow colored unicorns, I do not wish to hear about it. And yes, there are people on this planet who seriously think that the invasion of flying uniforns is a real possibility.

    I'm sure there's a website out there willing to accept any kind of speculation about the MH370's destiny, so why keep spamming this board with messages that are not welcome here? Just go to a like-minded site. Unless of course, you keep getting banned from every single one, in which case the only option left is to create your very own bulletin board and have your conversation there.
    You are the only one that has brought up Unicorns! LOL Being fed other people's speculations. But YOURS are okay? Just because people are discussing "possibilities" they don't necessarily think they are facts. People with theories are important in this world. They are the bold thinkers. Show some respect for people that are different than you who have skills that are valuable.


    • CNN TV channel is talking about the "last words" thing today. So it's should be 'on topic' for today on this thread.
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      • The last word adjustment may be valid, But opinions on those releasing it did not also need to be made at the same time. Especially when if I recall, the original transcript was 'obtained' or 'leaked' and first printed by a UK news media outlet, and not officially released. But quickly copied worldwide

        You will see the latest, is due to a request during a media conference to release the OFFICIALLY analyzed transcript. Of which is still ongoing as part of the investigation

        Originally posted by sputnik
        Just in past days, somebody deleted my few of small video clips w/ having something new in it, was also deleted,...
        They may have something new, for all of 3 seconds. While the rest of it is information already stated multiple times in the past, or readily available from standard media outlets without looking very hard. Or are not adding anything of merit to the ongoing search. Or, are made by people who then branch into once again their own theories slightly changed from the one the day before based on newly released factual information to suit.

        Re-analysis of already talked about items/public information and re-wording is not 'new' - it is a common thing media outlets to do keep 'ontop' of the news stories over other agencies. By changing the headline, or first paragraph with a single line update, while regurgitating the same story from 2-3 days ago. And we saw how badly in the early stages of the search, giving out such information to be then repeated by other media outlets turns into mis-information. Copying this from other Forums, cross-linking, or websites NOT associated to the authorities quoted in the articles, as said in the past. Can be taken with a grain of salt.

        Many viewers are even afraid of posting, in case they may get insulted.
        I actually see it a different way. They have listened to Mikes previous requests, now once again lost a number of pages back on this thread.
        - They do not have any valuable input or information to add. So do not.

        Think,… forum has 20000+ average viewings in 2-3 days, and only 2-4 guys are posting. Does it answer something?
        Actually I think you will find like me, everyone else has now grown tired. Getting 'new post made' alerts, and are tired of the same posters, the same information (albeit slightly different in wording or layout each time) being repeated over and over, only to be followed up by a further slightly modified theory or video from someone else who saw the same 'update' in the media and decided to change their original view yet again. Thus going straight back to kicking it all off once more without adding anything of value

        In short:

        Plane - Missing
        Track - Known
        Reasoning - not known (nor may it ever be)
        No Debris identified as confirmed
        Search by Air/Sea in Progress
        Ocean Black Box search about to commence out of Perth, however they have no defined search starting point as yet.

        Unless I am overruled by the Northern Hemisphere admins when they come online I've closed this with the intention that readers will be kept up to date with relevant information pertaining to the ongoing search going forward - Expect posts from Speedbird or other Mods with credible NEW Information that may prove informative to readers that is not already mainstream information.

        - not cross-posted straight after someone has already linked a snippet
        - linked to an original article/source it was from (rather than blatantly copied entire content from other forums/sources without knowing the credibility)

        And also rejoice in the lack of notifications allowing us to all get on with real life..
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        • Latest update from Aviation Herald.

          "On Apr 1st 2014 Malaysia's Minister of Transport stated the ATC transcript containing the communication between Air Traffic Control and the crew of MH-370 would be released, the transcript of the press conference released on the Ministry's Website and Facebook Account did not contain the transcript however. The Ministry later e-mailed the transcript to The Aviation Herald, see ATC Transcript of MH-370." >
          AMS Daily Fight Information:


          • Joint Agency Coordination Centre takes over mh370 search

            To know the facts of the search

            Go to the media releases of the JACC, setup by the Aussie government.
            NObody else will know the facts directly. All press publishers and even Malaysian officials, and even CNN, will be getting their info from the Jacc.
            The Jacc will continue, until the plane is found.

            There are search maps at the bottom of the page

            To see the most intelligent youtube clip, produced by AMSA,about the search summary,

            The current search area, it has moved further north, due to refined data about the aircraft movements.

            latest search area.jpg

            The Ocean Shield has left Perth yesterday, with all the sonar kit onboard. It will take 3 days to steam to the area.
            No, there is no way to see the AIS (google this) marine data, about the ships position, it only transmits 50nm.
            Yes the Australian Navy would be getting Sat C updates of the ships position every three hours, but they will not distribute that to the world.

            Yes they have been plotting current movements for 21days, that is why the search area keeps moving slightly.
            The items found so far, have been rubbish, or fishing equipment.
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            • Malaysian Prime Minister has arrived into Perth in the early hours of April 3rd to observe Search Coordination setup

              HMS Tireless - UK Submarine has entered the area to assist with below-surface efforts
              A British submarine has joined the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane on Wednesday as crews search under, on and above the surface of the ocean for any sign of the aircraft.

              HMS Tireless will assist a fleet of aircraft from six nations and numerous ships already involved in the search 1,800 kilometres south-west of Perth.
              Ocean Shield expected to arrive near the area later today local time with the Black Box search unit along with the US Naval experts

              UK Media - The Daily Mail are now the focus of potential legal action against the media for releasing false information and leads
              (I recall warning everyone about reading too much into the medias so-called sources...)

              Meanwhile, Mr Hishammuddin said Malaysia's attorney-general had been instructed to "compile evidence" and consider possible legal action over "false" media reports.

              Daily updates per Co-ordination centre releases (as above post) found here
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              • Yeppers fantastic news to hear..All we need now is confirmation of this..Hopefully they will send the ocean shield toward the chinese ship and see if the can pick up the signal since it is towing the tpl25 behind it
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                • great news in tragic circumstances op , 2nd the confirmation though


                  • Latest update from Aviation Herald.

                    "On Apr 5th 2014 China's state run news agency Xinhua reported the Chinese ship Haixun 01, participating in the search for MH-370, located a 37.5kHz pulse signal at position S25 E101 (about 730nm westsouthwest of Learmonth,WA and 900nm westnorthwest of Perth,WA (Australia), see updated overview map). Xinhua states that it is not yet clear whether this beacon is related to MH-370. Underwater Locator Beacons as mounted to flight data recorders are using 37.5kHz pulsed pings and at 160dB transmission energy are detectable up to 5 kilometers distance in good conditions, at 180dB up to 22 kilometers in good conditions."

                    AMS Daily Fight Information:



                      “Advice tonight from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is that they cannot verify any connection to the missing aircraft.

                      “The RCC in Australia has spoken to the RCC in China and asked for any further information that may be relevant.

                      “The deployment of RAAF assets to the area where the Chinese ship detected the sounds is being considered.
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                      • Concerns are still raised over this latest 'discovery'. As the news broke via facebook and chinese media outlet. A strange method given there is multinational co-ordination centres already established that should have been informed directly

                        (see previous errors by chinese media outlets)

                        But he stressed that authorities first had to establish there was actually something there.

                        "We're a long way from making that conclusion," he said.
                        The australian lead search vessel with specialist equipment is also investigating a 'noise anomaly' in the northern zone heard just an hr before the press release announcing the chinese reported find in the southern zone.

                        To put things in perspective:

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                        • Still no solid leads confirming what was picked up.

                          However if both were receiving same signal, this is one massive area still to search with little time estimated in battery

                          Shift Ocean Shield or double-backing is no easy feat. It has up to 6000m of tow-line extended at any one time. Re-scanning areas will take considerable time due to this
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                          • MH370 news

                            One ship has picked up pings for more than two hours in one direction and 13 minutes in the other. There are apparently two distinct pings - consistent with two flight recorders.



                            • Indeed, you beat me to it while I was driving home. No sooner had I updated todays official release a press conference was held and heads confirming the consistency. But still cautious at this time about associating it with the missing aircraft.

                              video here:

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                              • Houston interviewed re MH370

                                Link to a one-on-one radio interview this morning with Angus Houston. Runs for 10 minutes but interesting and from the "horse's mouth".