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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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  • geostationary satellites do move about - they are pulled by the Moon, Sun, Himalayas, etc - anything really heavy - they just remain in a virtual box in space, when they approach the edges of the box (or debris approaches to occupy the same space as the satellite is) then they are adjusted using up some scarce fuel to elsewhere in the box.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see their track in space as being like the elastic band wound in a golf ball


    • Interesting dicussions.
      Pardon my ignorance, but could it also be possible that the two known points by satellite are still fine
      and circle was made by the plane towards inside, [ center as the opposite point from that satellite, of right side of the arc ] ( rare event of giving two pings of the same radius to the satellite ) and that makes the plane to land/crash somewhere in jungles/mountains of China/Australia?
      With me?

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      • If you refer back to the link
        you notice that the shift will alter as the angle shifts, so if you have known signal sources to calibrate against and an assumed speed, it is possible to draw a chart of Doppler shift against angle. Thus a line can be drawn from the satellite position to intersect the arc.


        • I'm new, but have been following this story closely on various pilot forums. This rather simple explanation occurred to me when I read this (on another forum):

          "I noticed that if you take the direct track Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and then plot the reciprocal from where the transponder went off, it takes you pretty much to the search area. Almost as if some one tried to reverse the route, but was not totally conversant with the nav. equipment..."

          What about if the pilot had a heart attack, and since the co-pilot was fairly new on the 777, "freaked out," and did the above, plus also accidentally hit the cabin pressure valve switch.

          It seems the track plotted right after the transponder died is still somewhat speculative. So perhaps the above situation is possible. Even if a similar situation could be practiced in the sim, in reality it might be more difficult to control.

          I've read about the cabin pressure valve switch, which looks like a simple toggle switch that can manually overide the automatic system, but am not sure if this could have the effect I'm talking about here or not.



            To enlarge these pictures, click on the bottom given link of this post )


            Doppler correction Photograph: /Malaysia Ministry of Transport

            This diagram shows the Doppler contributions to the burst frequency offset.


            MH370 measured data against predicted tracks Photograph: /Malaysia Ministry of Transport

            The blue line is the burst frequency offset measured at the ground station for MH370.

            The green line is the predicted burst frequency offset for the southern route, which over the last 6 handshakes show close correlation with the measured values for MH370.

            The red line is the predicted burst frequency offset for the northern route, which over the last 6 handshakes does not correlate with the measured values for MH370.


            Southern Tracks Photograph: /Malaysia Ministry of Transport

            This shows the southern tracks for a ground speed of 400 and 450 knots ground speed. It should be noted that further work is required to determine the aircraft speed and final position.


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            • Originally posted by voyager10 View Post
              Thank you - this is awesome!


              • Originally posted by smay69 View Post
                Thank you - this is awesome!
                Links added ( in above post ), to view bigger pictures.

                UK satellite operator used 19th century physics to trace missing plane

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                • CNN phone interview with Chris McLaughlin of Inmarsat .

                  The Malaysian PM announced they received data from the UK and Inmarsat ruling out the northern route. Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest, and Chad Myers of CNN then conducted a phone interview with Chris McLaughlin of Inmarsat who explained some of the calculations. Anderson asked "so you can say with 100% certainty, that northern route, there's no way the plane flew that northern route"? McLaughlin answered "to all intents and purposes, I'm looking at the chart, there's no way it went north." Later in the day, McLaughlin appeared by video on Wolf Blitzer's show and was not quite as unequivocal but did then add that that was just him being British.

                  16 min. of Video :


                  • Inmarsat, confirms what peterhr, has been advocating. The cost to track the position of an aircraft via a satellite link would be nominal.


                    "Technology which could have allowed authorities to continue tracking Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is already available and costs only $1 per hour, according to the satellite firm which helped identify the flight’s path."

                    I saw the interview and Chris was emphatic about the fact that this technology could be implemented in the time it takes to mandate it. He said it was disgraceful that this hasn't been already been implemented.

                    The fictional aviator Wing Commander Bigglesworth (Capt. W.E. Johns) once said, "Life is for the Living"; the best memorial the victims of MH370 can have is an IMMEDIATE mandate that this technology be implemented forthwith!! No more dilly dallying, no more excuses!


                    • MH370: How British satellite company Inmarsat tracked down missing,...

                      Social-News Photos,..



                      • I have read the whole thread and not seen the following asked.

                        MH370 was assumed to be flying at 30000+ feet and 450 Knots.

                        If it was on autopilot at the time the fuel ran out, what would be the behaviour of the aircraft until it hit the water? Does the AP try to maintain straight and level flight, and altitude/speed?

                        I assume that the engines spool down and electric power also diminishes.


                        • I haven't read all pages of this thread.

                          In my opinion something really bad happend to this flight. If you read news about this flight there have been 7 hours of ghost flight.

                          Ok, the aircraft changed it's direction, I think that was the last "man-made" input to the aircraft. Somehow the aircraft lost all
                          his systems. The engines run even with of total loss of (electric) power due to little alternators powering the ECU (Airbus:FADEC) and
                          fuel is a least feed by gravity. The engines run until fuel runs to zero.

                          I think there was a little fire / explosion / cableburn in the avionics compartment. The crew run through the checklists and decided
                          to turn to the next airport to land asap. That were the final keytrokes in the flight managment system. Maybe there was a lot of smoke
                          in the cockpit and they didn't manage it to fight the fire/smoke. They were already dead but at least one computer did his job
                          oan held th plane airborne until feul was zero.

                          Or second variation: electric/electronic problem. Flightcontrols were lost, communications were lost, even minor important
                          equipment failed like ACARS, ADS-B, transponder. All equipment is protected by circiut breakers. Maybe the crew tried to isolate the
                          problem to get back some systems to run, but it didn't work to get control over the aircraft. The only thing what they could
                          do is to wait until the fuel runs out.
                          Best regards Christian
                          Equipment: ICOM IC-A6E AirBand Radio, RTL-DVB-T Stick with RPi-B


                          • Lets not guess, we can only hope the find out what happened - they will keep searching.

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                            • Gulfstream 5 (GLF5) and Bombardier Global 6000 (GLEX) both heading out towards search area.

                              EDIT: Now Gulfstream G650 (GLF6) also appears to be heading out. Hopefully a productive day ahead for the searchers.
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                              • Originally posted by Mike View Post
                                Please stop posting conspiracy theories and links to stupid "DAHBOO77" YouTube videos. If you have any conspiracy theories please find another forum to post your bullshit. This thread is from now and on ONLY available for posting facts about the crash of MH370 in South Indian Sea and about the ongoing search operation.
                                Thank you....

                                To all those who start their post with, "i haven't read all the posts" ...... Please note the above....