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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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  • voyager10 - refrain from re-posting this sort of tripe from other sites.
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


    • Originally posted by Oblivian View Post
      We have been watching/deleting for some time actually. And closing in on the final tipping point on the subject as less and less posts actually offer valuable input/information that is not available elsewhere.

      Early in the stage most of us were deleting users and associated posts daily that were trying to post rubbish/troll/off topic.

      Thanks Oblivian!


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        The link was some news I saw and just pasted it like an update I guess, not assuming anything.

        Right now keeping an open mind to every possibility...No conclusions yet.

        Fire theory is plausible but however much I want to believe this theory there are yet holes.....

        1. If there was an electrical fire...and it disabled the transponder and communications......
        Then how come it did not disable the autopilot?

        How come 200 plus passengers and air hostesses failed to communicate via cellphone...whatsapp etc to their dear ones?

        How come the pilots did not communicate mayday to ho chi minh control tower but they mumbled something to another
        Japanese aircraft pilot who was nearby?

        If smoke had incapacitated the pilots how did they change course from one way point to another while flying west and
        that too for some time....Then they again changed course to south indian ocean???? A simple option would have been to
        land in the straits of malacca exactly like the HUDSON RIVER landing case in the US.

        If the autopilot was still working then how come it took the plane to south indian ocean arc or northern arc when the autopilot was
        programmed to fly to Beijing....

        Lithium batteries explode if they catch fire....Why did this not happen?

        Why cant Lithium batteries be transported in containers by sea? What was the urgency to send them by air at such a high cost...
        In Mumbai I cant even board a BEST bus or a local train with any inflammable material....and here in Kuala Lumpur inflammable
        stuff is allowed in a multibillion dollar high tech airplane????

        The ARACS comunication and transponder got switched off before the pilots signed off KL tower with allright gdnite and yet the pilots
        did not notice it.....??

        There was a fire in a Swissair plane some years back in the US and the whole world knew about it plane crashed...
        Swissair shut down....

        The fire theory though one may wish to believe and does happen in aircrafts has a lot of loose ends.......

        In fact many established theories have a lot of loose ends.....

        That is the biggest problem and the mystery to this incident and that is what is providing a free lunch to the media......

        My prayers with all the departed entities and my luv to all the near and dear ones...


        • Yess,.. the alternative was to rather go back in 2 hours, from the same place from where he took off,..
          ( flying another 6 hours, to southern ocean, instead )
          or at least,..... glide-landing in straita of malaaca, and perhaps before the craft sinks in 0.45 min.... some help by a near-by ship, may quickly, could had been reached,.. just like that Hudson river incident of 2009.

          This may be slightly off-topic,... but was a worth-watch seminar of that Hudson river incident on TED.

          If you still remember, 5 yrs ago, the Hudson river incident,
          when in NY, the pilot had to land the plane over the Hudson river, ( luckily all were saved ) here is a very interesting TED vdo ( a mini clip ) of that incident
          of a CEO who was also traveling in that plane on a front seat,..

          This short video is little off-topic but very interesting one, I would like to share.

          Ending moments of life - When the death is dancing close and upfront,
          and lessons learnt from those life-turning moments, the way that changed the life !

          Yess,... He was a CEO and on that Hudson land-crashed plane,..................

          Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549,
          the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009.
          What went through his mind as the doomed plane went down?
          At TED, he tells his story publicly for the first time.

          Those who don't remember,.. here be the pictures,..
          ALSO CLICK HERE AND see HERE IN THE POSTS 10 and 11 - see posts 10 and 11
          ( screen: singh, password: 789123 )

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          • Hi, we trying to get from Flight Radar the last GPS Position from Transponder Signal. Just this Information is not available on the Website anymore.
            The Support dosnt answer this Question ( 3 days waiting ).
            We have some different Locations from other Source, just not shure to have the correct last Position.

            Is here someone can help us with this Information please.
            Becose we trying to finish the Map with relevant Information about this Flight.
            here is the Link.
            Info Map MH370

            Regards Michael


            • Originally posted by travelflight View Post
              Hi, we trying to get from Flight Radar the last GPS Position from Transponder Signal. Just this Information is not available on the Website anymore.
              The Support dosnt answer this Question ( 3 days waiting ).
              We have some different Locations from other Source, just not shure to have the correct last Position.

              Is here someone can help us with this Information please.
              Becose we trying to finish the Map with relevant Information about this Flight.
              here is the Link.
              Info Map MH370

              Regards Michael
              This the pinned link to the Flight:
              AMS Daily Fight Information:


              • Malaysia says French satellites spot objects in MH370 search area.


                • Originally posted by speedbird1960 View Post
                  This the pinned link to the Flight:
                  Thanks a lot, very helpfull !!


                  • Originally posted by speedbird1960 View Post
                    This the pinned link to the Flight:
                    A request if I may. Since the fate of this flight is not yet settled and the only data which seems to indicate its last position is the ping data, is it possible to pin a few more flights of this airframe (preferably to a few different destinations)? If this goes on and they don't find anything - maybe this can be revisited and to have exact position for given date/times when previous pings have occured may prove helpful.


                    • One thing is for sure, Malaysia is mighty lucky that whoever was piloting the MH370 on March 7th didn't turn it into a missile and target the The Petronas Tower.
                      With the questionable absence of any military planes checking out missing MH370 , this could have very easily have been a far more devastating scenario instead of the present devastating one.


                      • Malaysia Airlines plane hits flock of ducks in Nepal

                        KATHMANDU: A Malaysia Airlines aircraft on a scheduled flight (MH114) from Kuala Lumpur with 180 passengers and crewmembers on board escaped disaster while landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) here on Friday night.
                        A flock of ducks struck the aircraft’s windshield as it touched down on the runway at 10.45pm, leaving the southern tip of runway 02 strewn with broken glass, airport authorities said. There were no reports of injuries.

                        The airline’s cockpit crew, however, did not immediately inform the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) about the incident. The flight captain later confirmed the "suspected bird-hit", but only after a Jet Airways crew reported it to the airport authority."The incident came to light after a pilot of Jet Airways, which landed minutes after Malaysia Airlines, informed us of sighting pieces of glass on the runway," said an ATC on condition of anonymity. Upon inspection, airport officials found at least 10 dead ducks and pieces of glass on the runway. The debris was cleared and airport resumed normal operations after half an hour.

                        The officials found two more dead ducks during a routine inspection early on Saturday morning. "It’s the first time that we have seen so many ducks in the airport area," said an official.Some officials said that they could be migrating ducks from Taudaha.

                        The airline cancelled a return flight to Kuala Lumpur that was scheduled at 11.00pm Friday. All passengers who were booked on the flight were subsequently transferred to Soaltee, Annapurna and Hyatt Regency hotels. The plane took off for the Malaysian capital at 3.30pm Saturday after necessary repairs.

                        Meanwhile, the ATC official said that they have notified the TIA general manager about the incident, recommending action against the Malaysia Airlines pilots for failing to report the incident in time. "The pilots should have informed the airport authority immediately to prevent any untoward incident," the official said.
                        More than 75 bird strike incidents have occurred during take-off or landing at the TIA since 1990, with three resulting in major damage to aircraft. A Thai Airways Airbus A300 in 1996 and a Bangladesh Biman DC-10 in 2010 escaped without major incident, but 19 people were killed when Sita Air Dornier crashed in September 2012. - Kathmandu Post/ANN
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                          A humble request: please show some respect for the purpose of this forum and take your tomnod questions to the tomnod forum, please?
                          Hear, hear. Is it not obvious that this is not the place for questions about how to use tomnod? It's getting very boring.


                          • Hello, I'm new here.
                            My apology if this discussion is overboard and against the forum rules: One of the many reasons, IMO, that Malaysia can't be branded as a terrorist country mainly because of the differing political views between the govt of the day and its opposition. Both groups are Muslim dominant. The only noisy groups in the country who might become terrorist groups or support the existence of terrorism are the 'non-political' NGOs. But most of these have political inclination towards the ruling coalition - the 50+ y/old National Front. Why so? To gain financial assistance from the govt. The ruling govt is moderate - alcohol can still be sold in shops all over the country, particularly the eastern Malaysian states. Thus pubs and nightspots do exist, gambling casinos are allowed to operate, Muslim ladies can dress how they like ... generally speaking, it's trying to be as moderate as possible. But when the ruling coalition got 'wilder' they use to get 'beaten-up' by the opposition. Only then, one would hear of a Muslim lady being prosecuted for drinking beer in public. Not much of the 'beatings' can be heard because the govt of the day has full control of the country's mainstream media - TV, radios and papers alike. Corruptions among political figures are too rampant, and only 'small fries' would get prosecuted, while the bigger 'sharks' escape trials. Back to MH370 mystery - should the international pressmen 'rely' on press conferences being held 'day in day out' for, now, it's more than two weeks? Why only families of the flight crew got questioned? Can't any authority from within the international community question the ruling govt? It's a waste of time and effort to deploy all the assets in SAR missions, while the ministers can sit and wait for the missions to return with their findings. It's a waste of resources to house the many relatives of the victims of the missing plane. IMO Malaysian ministers and their generals (the ones who always field questions from the media) have some kinda 'immunity', 'untouchable' characteristics. Can't they be held accountable, responsible at the highest level of this incident? Remember how the acting Transport Minister got irritated by some journalists for relating him to his PM cousin? And the PM is being 'quiet' all this while. It's human lives that's above all the press conferences that matters most.


                            • Dahboo7's new vdo is here,..

                              Recent News:

                              On Tuesday a "startlingly simple" theory explaining the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines jet began making the rounds on social media and among journalists interested in the story. According to a fellow named Chris Goodfellow, the plane caught fire, and the pilot headed to a nearby airport to save the craft, eventually crashing into the Indian Ocean.
                              Only it very likely didn't happen that way - as considerable information that was already in the public realm contradicts the story. By Tuesday evening, writers and commentators were picking Goodfellow's post apart
                              Theory was wrong :

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                              • Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could spur air safety changes.

                                "(CNN) -- Cameras in the cockpit. Real-time streaming of communications and flight information. Increased capacity flight data and voice recorders. Transponders that detach on impact and float.
                                Once the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is solved, there are changes in air safety that might result from the lessons of the disappearance of a jumbo jetliner in the age of instant communications.
                                The technologies -- each of which has its supporters and its detractors -- come into question as the search for Flight 370 enters its third week. Here's a look at some possible technological changes:
                                Camera images beamed from cockpit to ground
                                Investigators would be able to see and hear all that transpires in the cockpit."

                                Read more:
                                AMS Daily Fight Information: