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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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  • BREAKING NEWS - Hijacking is conclusive - Malaysian PM to announce

    "Prime Minister Najib Razak's twitter account has announced that the PM will be making a press statement at 1:30pm."

    "The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory. "It is conclusive," he said."


    In my previous post #156 I had mentioned under 4) "Hijacking by very skilled individuals - Transponder (SQUAWK), ADS-B and ACARS turned off" and suggested under I) "Find out if 1 or more of the passengers might have a pilot license (hijacker, group might have collected all passenger's mobile phones & turned off transponders)"

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    • Originally posted by seahorse View Post
      Thinking that you can have any cellphone working in an airplane (without relay capability's) from 35000 ft (or even lower) is just ridiculous.
      The problem is not the ground base stations, there you can put all the transmitting power you want, the problem ls with the cellphone itself.
      They have tiny little transmitters and no way they're powerful enough to reach that far.
      I installed many GSM networks in Africa and on some distant towers we installed TMA's (Tower Mounted Amplifier), we called them "Big ears"
      Why? Because they're used to amplify the incoming signal from the cellphones as they're very weak at a long distance.
      Reason why you have to switch off your phone is that once you're taking off (or while landing and to far away) all these cellphones switches to maximum output power and continuously trying to get
      a handshake from a network. Just imagine if you have 200+ cellphones doing this simultaneously, all the time.
      Hi Seahorse,

      Can service providers or network companies of passengers cell phones locate area of passenger cellphone if authority try to find it? is it possible?


      • Lots of media reports now saying with certain that this plane was hijacked...

        which further confuses the investigation


        • Hello,
          Any chance that she would make it to Sri Lanka or even Somalia ?


          • If it wouldn't be so tragic I would say all this is a teaser for a new season of "Lost"
            Now they're convinced it went to the Andaman islands, a group of ten's of abandoned islands


            • It said that but it did say its almost impossible coz that area is heavily armed by Indian forces so wouldn't be able to land undetected me thinks..


              • Originally posted by Alex Smart View Post
                Any chance that she would make it to Sri Lanka or even Somalia ?
                The problem with that scenario is that it would have to fly over, or near India which has a good military radar network.

                India also has a military radar station on the Andaman Islands and I wonder why only the Malaysian air force are the only ones to have tracked this flight.


                • Well, I was pretty surprised that even a couple of days ago, they hadn't searched either of the pilots houses, computers, or belongings. I would think that would be a formality at the very least (and presumably they've done that now). But yeah, it wouldn't surprise me at all if one of the pilots had some sort of bizarre Lost obsession.



                    MH370 was hi-jacked a Boeing 777-200.
                    Arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport daily: MH16, always a Boeing 777-200

                    Nuclear Security Summit 2014 at Den Hague, a few km away from Schiphol.
                    What will happen on March the 24th or 25th?



                    • Originally posted by Misty View Post
                      Afgang tid var 08/03 - KL.00:41 i Kuala Lumpur som svarer til 07/03 - Kl.16.41 GMT/UTC (ligesom flightradar24) og 07/03 - Kl.17.41 I Norge.
                      Da skjønner jeg. Tusen takk for svar


                      • Hate to think it but it's looking increasingly likely that this was the actions of one of, or both pilots. Hijackers would almost certainly not use an established air corridor would they? Moonless night as previously stated which makes flying visually by hand almost impossible.


                        • Latest updates from Aviation Herald.

                          Malaysia's Prime Minister stated on Mar 15th that based on new satellite data there is evidence that the data communication systems and transponder had been turned off by deliberate action by someone on board and the aircraft deviated off course, the last confirmed communication between aircraft and satellites occurred at 00:11Z (Mar 8th).

                          On Mar 15th 2014 Malaysia's Prime Minister stated in a press conference: "based on new satellite communication we can say with a high degree of certainty that the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) was disabled just before the aircraft reached the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Shortly afterwards, near the border between Malaysian and Vietnamese air traffic control, the aircraft’s transponder was switched off." Movements of the aircraft until the aircraft left Malaysia's primary radar coverage were consistent with deliberate action by someone on the aircraft. The primary radar target, so far believed but not confirmed to be MH-370, could today be identified as MH-370 with the help of new data received from the satellite data provider. The aircraft could have flown on for 7 hours, the last trace of the aircraft was identified at 08:11L (00:11Z Mar 8th). "Due to the type of satellite data we are unable to confirm the precise location of the plane when it last made contact with the satellite." However, the investigation was able to determine that the last communication was in one of two corridors: "the northern corridor stretching approximately from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand or the southern corridor stretching approximately from Indonesia to Southern Indian Ocean." The investigation team is working to further refine the information. The search in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand has been ended. "In view of this latest development the Malaysian Authorities have refocussed their investigation into the crew and passengers on board. Despite media reports, that the plane was hijacked, I wish to be very clear we are still investigating all possibilities as to what caused MH-370 to deviate from its original flight path."

                          On Mar 15th 2014, following the speach by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Malaysia Airlines released a statement stating amongst others: "This is truly an unprecedented situation, for Malaysia Airlines and for the entire aviation industry. There has never been a case in which information gleaned from satellite signals alone could potentially be used to identify the location of a missing commercial airliner. Given the nature of the situation and its extreme sensitivity, it was critical that the raw satellite signals were verified and analysed by the relevant authorities so that their significance could be properly understood. This naturally took some time, during which we were unable to publicly confirm their existence.

                          We were well aware of the ongoing media speculation during this period, and its effect on the families of those on board. Their anguish and distress increases with each passing day, with each fresh rumour, and with each false or misleading media report. Our absolute priority at all times has been to support the authorities leading the multinational search for MH370, so that we can finally provide the answers which the families and the wider community are waiting for."

                          AMS Daily Fight Information:


                          • Thank you for one of the only sensible posts in this thread, I have found that the Aviation Herald is the only online source that gives all the known facts without all the wild speculation / alien abduction rubbish.
                            FR24 F-EGLF1, Blitzortung station 878, OGN Aldersht2, PilotAware PWAldersht, PlanePlotter M7.


                            • Originally posted by F-EGLF1 View Post
                              Thank you for one of the only sensible posts in this thread, I have found that the Aviation Herald is the only online source that gives all the known facts without all the wild speculation / alien abduction rubbish.
                              Yes have to agree, what is in the Media can be very misleading.

                              I don't like to guess what might have happened to Flight MH370, but it just occured to me that given the predicted area the Aircraft was last picked up by satellite and the Passports issue i am thinking the Aircraft might be in Iran. (Just my thoughts and nothing else.)
                              AMS Daily Fight Information:


                              • Given the seemingly now clear pre-planning that has gone into this disappearance, running out of fuel would seem to be something that would have been taken account of in advance?

                                This aircraft has a long (extended) range.

                                Would the Beijing run have required a full complement of fuel? No doubt the fuelling records at KL are being examined.

                                Would it be possible, given adequate knowledge and time, to re-programme the aircraft's identity?