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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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  • Sorry if this has been asked, (havn't read all 30 pages, or course) and i'm not a pilot so i don't know..

    But looking at the playback there are two other planes within 100-120 miles of MH370 when it disappeared from radar, namely CES5093 and CES539. Is that within range to see something if MH370 exploded in midair?


    • Originally posted by Flybywire View Post
      Looks to me like a military transport plane, Hercules, Transall or suchlike, and it may be in the air
      but if u look at the fingernail is aproximatly this plane is about my opinion


      • Originally posted by elheisenberg View Post
        but if u look at the fingernail is aproximatly this plane is about my opinion

        A Hercules has a wingspan of about 40m and length of about that tallies!


        • According to the various outlets that I'm subscribing to it seems that the US is quite adamant that despite the Malaysians, Rolls Royce and Boeing denying any correspondence from the aircraft was received after contact was lost, they DO have an "indication" that something was received and they should send a search party to the Indian ocean despite the rest focusing their efforts mainly on the South China sea and the Straights of Malacca/Andaman sea. It could be that they know something the others do not and are reluctant to clarify their source for their own security reasons. Anyone else feel this may be the case?
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          • This is my first post.

            I have always been interested in maps and will plot what I know on a map to get a better picture of what is going on.

            The comment by Cambridge has me thinking about the oil rig worker's ("Mike McKay") statement.

            MH370 was lost sight of at 0121 local at 6.97n 103.63 e - this is where the flightradar24 data stops - I will call this "Point A".

            If my facts are correct, Mr McKay is about 184 miles from Vung Tau (Vietnam).

            The rig is at 8.42 n 108.67 e - this is not the figure quoted on his email but the plot on my map - there may be a small difference.

            I estimate the distance point A to the oil rig is 381 miles.

            This is quite an extra ordinary distance to see even a catastrophic event.

            I would like to verify my figures so I will share them so a bright spark can point out any mistakes.

            I do not think this distance is probable.

            I think flight MH370 would need to travel a considerable distance AFTER point A for a catastrophic event to be visible from the oil rig.

            ALSO, the further the aircraft travelled after point A, before a conjectured turn around to Phuket area, the more difficult it is to square with the time at S of Phuket (0215 local).

            Indeed, the aircraft would need to descend 5500 ft then speed up to (say) 570 knots - if the hit S of Phuket is MH370.

            Even then, the line of sight distance from a conjectured MH370 (in flames) to the oil rig would still be say 200 miles - an extraordinary distance even on a clear night from 100 ft up an oil rig.

            In short, I have difficult reconciling the Malaysian primary radar with Mike McKays account (which does not appear to quote a time for the event).

            Also, if MH370 was "in flames" did the flames "blow out" - surely an aircraft in flames is in terminal descent?

            These accounts appear contradictory and inconsistent.

            Terra Firma


            • I understand that a pilot can disable the transponder. Can a pilot also disable the portion of the ACARS system that sends the automated flight/mechanical reports?


              • Originally posted by Cambridge
                didnt the oil rig worker say he saw flames for a few seconds ? if so maybe he saw a meteor ! just my theory
                From they way he describes what he saw it sounds very credible, also if the Object was seen to have no lateral movement, then judging the distance at night would very difficult as he says it appeared to be at high altitude.

                "From when I first saw the burning (plane) until the flames went out (still at high altitude) was 10 to 15 seconds," he wrote.

                "There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary (falling), or going away from our location."

                According to TVNZ, McKay's employers have said that the letter is not a hoax.
                AMS Daily Fight Information:


                • Anyone seen this:

                  Claiming plane flew past Vietnam and dissappeared in Paracel Islands


                  • Having read about the reported 'pings', and aircraft visual sightings over Malaysia which tie in very well with the timescale, I'm starting to wonder more about the hijack theory and the plane heading west. The transponder just has to have been switched off. If the plane was blown apart, there would surely have been some wreckage found by now. If the plane suffered a technical problem but didn't go down at once, there would surely have been some form of communication.


                    • Originally posted by wild13hunter View Post
                      Anyone seen this:

                      Claiming plane flew past Vietnam and dissappeared in Paracel Islands
                      I cannot believe this Youtuber has had nearly One Million hits from information that is wrong.
                      DAHBOO77 is quoting two different Aircraft on two different days. M9-MRQ operated that route on the 8th and 9M-MRO is the one that is missing

                      The amazing thing is this guy has also got the correct information in another of his video's.
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                      AMS Daily Fight Information:


                      • Originally posted by speedbird1960 View Post
                        I cannot believe this Youtuber has had nearly One Million hits from information that is wrong.
                        DAHBOO77 is quoting two different Aircraft on two different days. M9-MRQ operated that route on the 8th and 9M-MRO is the one that is missing
                        With a million hits he's also probably now being paid by YouTube for having created a viral hit. Don't let truth get in the way of a good video on social media.



                          feeding the terrorist theory


                          • Hello,
                            I'm a new member and have been looking through the thread and would like to understand the following.

                            The map FR24 today a few minutes ago I followed AXM1656.
                            To me it was on the same track as was MH370 some six or so days ago.

                            From what I understand MH370 was on track for Peking and if the little red dashes on an earlier view are correct she would have flown over Cambodia and on to China. Is that correct ?
                            However she seemed to be flying to the right of that red line out over the sea, at about lat 6.93 long 103.59 she is it seems seen to make a right turn. This would take her away from the coast of Cambodia along the coast of Viet Nam.

                            Today I watched as AXM1656 reached the same co-ordinates and it too made a right turn. But AXM1656 is on its way to Hong Kong.

                            Is it possible that the crew of MH370 were forgetful and mistakenly thought that they were on their way to Hong Kong and not Peking ?

                            When the time came that they would have crossed the Cambodian/Viet Nam coastline they would have been still over the ocean and flying to the east further out over the sea ?
                            This would be in the opposite direction to where the searches are.

                            A second thing is whether it is known if there were any military operations in progress on that day that may have involved the firing of misiles in the Cambodian/Viet Nam area ?

                            In the event of the oxygen failure discussed in an earlier post, if the cockpit crew were the only ones effected, would the cabin staff or even passengers have been aware that the aircraft was not on the route it should have been on ?
                            when/if they did, what could they have done ?

                            Talking of passengers, when 9/11 was in the news, Dozens of "last" phone calls were reported made from passengers to their relations.
                            In this event there seems to have been none ?

                            We are still finding aircraft wrecks from WW2 so it may be many years before anything is found of MH370, as yet no bodies have surfaced so are still entumbed within the aircraft (?) That would be if the aircraft was not broken as the Lockerby one was with wreckage stroon over several countries.

                            In the event that it made landfall then is it possible these days that it could remain undiscovered in forest/jungle ?

                            What has been done to trace the five(?) passengers that left the aircraft ( did they actually board the aircraft ? ) before the flight but left their luggage aboard ?
                            Is it known what their luggage was ? Who were they and what was their reason given for not flying on MH370 ?

                            Always more questions than answers
                            Thanks for taking the time reading this,

                            Thinking of those gone and those left behind.


                            • What's happened to common sense.
                              If God himself had appeared on the plane and torn it asunder, people would have found a way to take a photo of him
                              and send a text. If the plane was hijacked , someone would have got a message off.
                              The fact that it lost ALL communication suddenly, indicates major problem. If the comms did go off in a staggered fashion, that could be fire or break up. Doesn't mean anyone turned it off on purpose. The fact that they haven't found any wreckage sadly means that there is nothing big enough to find. An explosion and breakup at 35,000 feet at around 500 MPH would be so destructive, it's beyond comprehension.


                              • Originally posted by speedbird1960 View Post
                                Thanks speedbird1960 for the CBC article!