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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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    • Originally posted by Cambridge
      chinese satelitte found it , and oil rig worker saw plane on fire in sky, its roughly 300km east of southern most tip of vietnam rip

      *MAY* have found a *POSSIBLE* location containing *POTENTIAL* debris. There is certainly no current need to straight up say wreckage has been found.. especially as the images were taken 4 days ago and weather has impacted things.
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      • Originally posted by elheisenberg View Post

        what do u think about that theory`?
        Although a very good theory, it looks like that it would not have affected this Aircraft.

        Boeing has confirmed that it issued a safety alert in June last year for Boeing 777s, telling airlines to check for cracks in the fuselage around a satellite antenna. The FAA in the US has issued a directive for repairs to be carried out. Boeing says the 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines aircraft did not have that antenna installed and was not subject to the FAA order.

        The Associated Press has the text of the alert:
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        AMS Daily Fight Information:


        • Originally posted by seanight View Post
          I also spotted the image on map 23166 but it is not defined well.
          Yes me too, found something on map 23166 and same shapes in maps 22343 and 22963 and 23972
          I think are ships or boats
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          • Originally posted by Cambridge
            chinese satelitte found it , and oil rig worker saw plane on fire in sky, its roughly 300km east of southern most tip of vietnam rip
            Is the oil rig the one in map 23516?


            • Satellite Pictures


              If we are able to get a picture that you can look at a tennis court like this from an unnamed Island in the South China Sea then why are the images on TV tonight such bad quality


              • Originally posted by grahammolyneux View Post

                If we are able to get a picture that you can look at a tennis court like this from an unnamed Island in the South China Sea then why are the images on TV tonight such bad quality
                Because the one you show was shot from an aircraft, the same applies to Google earth, the high res pictures are from aircraft not satellites, just look at any remote area such as much of Guyana, where they have not overflown much of it and only have the low res satellite pictures, you cannot see anything smaller than 100sq metres.
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                • Hi all,

                  From the 14th until 29th March MAS will stop using flight numbers MH370/371 on its B772 flights from KUL to PEK. It is being replaced with MH318/319. Adjustment was made earlier today. A333 flight numbers stay the same as MH360/361.

                  Credit : Airline Route
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                    coult that be tha plane??? pls check the foto


                    • Here is a link to a letter from the oil rig worker who said he saw the plane - the link is to Bob Woodruff's (the journalist) twitter account. You can read more about it there.

                      Oil rig worker claims in employer confirmed letter-he saw the plane go down. Vietnamese say they found nothing @ABC


                      • Another twitter link - to someone names David KaminskiMorrow@FlightDKM. This link has a map with the past known location and the location where the Chinese located the objects -- it's a pretty nice map!

                        Last known position of #MH370 at (1). Unknown objects photographed by Chinese satellites are located at (2):


                        • Originally posted by 1090 MHz View Post
                          Remember flight TWA-800 the 747 that had the exploding center fuel tank? That got me wondering if the 777-200 had any similar known issues. Seems Boeing and the FAA had concerns that a MOV could send electrical current into the fuel tank resulting in an exposition and total loss of the Aircraft. This is scary stuff to read as there was a known possible problem, a defective MOV to look out for, that could lead to an explosion of the center fuel tank. This might now very well be that cause of this accident.


                          Federal Aviation Administration

                          14 CFR Part 39

                          [Docket No. FAA-2008-0847; Directorate Identifier 2008-NM-056-AD;
                          Amendment 39-17375; AD 2013-05-03]
                          RIN 2120-AA64

                          Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Airplanes

                          AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

                          ACTION: Final rule.


                          SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain
                          The Boeing Company Model 777-200, -200LR, -300, and -300ER series
                          airplanes. This AD was prompted by fuel system reviews conducted by the
                          manufacturer. This AD requires doing an inspection to identify the part
                          number of the motor-operated valve (MOV) actuators of the main and
                          center fuel tanks; replacing certain MOV actuators with new MOV
                          actuators; and measuring the electrical resistance of the bond from the
                          adapter plate to the airplane structure, and doing corrective actions
                          if necessary. We are issuing this AD to prevent electrical current from
                          flowing through an MOV actuator into a fuel tank, which could create a
                          potential ignition source inside the fuel tank. This condition, in
                          combination with flammable fuel vapors, could result in a fuel tank
                          explosion and consequent loss of the airplane.
                          I posted this 2 days ago, and I still strongly believe that the center fuel tank most likely exploded destroying this 777 Aircraft.

                          Here is what else I found out. The Aircraft was 11 years old so it would not have had, what is now standard on all Boeing Aircraft since 2008, fuel tank "Gas Inerting Systems" which are designed to prevent fuel tank explosions by filling empty tanks with non flammable nitrogen.

                          This was a 777-200ER the "ER" means Extended Reach giving the plane, when fully fueled, a 16+ hour range. However this was a 5 and a half hour flight so most likely the center tank was not be fueled. Airline only fuel their jets with the needed amount of fuel for the trip, as fuel is weight, and if it's not needed they don't load it. They would rather use that extra weight capacity for extra cargo, not unneeded fuel.

                          The FAA has been on Boeing's case about retrofitting all older aircraft out there with Gas Inerting Systems so much so that they were proposing fining Boeing $13.7 million as they felt Boeing wasn't acting fast enough. This is the FAA which has jurisdiction over aircraft operation in US airspace. What about the Malaysian airline? would they ever bother with installing Gas Inerting Systems on their planes?



                          As I stated in my first post, the FAA & Boeing had concerns with the 777-200 that a MOV could send electrical current into the fuel tank resulting in an exposition and total loss of the Aircraft.


                          • I'm sorry if I'm intruding but there are so many things that don't add up, from the very start developments have been contradicted, there are a lot of things in question not to mention that the area (the possible debris that has been found by Chinese satellite announced today) was the first place they were searching from the beginning and most of them claimed to have found nothing (just rubbish) and expanded search areas .

                            ( Believe me, 100% viewing on the facts)
                            Could it possible

                            Either they planted these debris on purpose so that they could stop the search (or slow it down) because they don't have a clue of where the plane is actually located.

                            Or if this actually happened could a missile hit the plane by mistake and this needed to be covered up?

                            The pilot seemed to really know the plane inside out, this was no co pilot like in the case of Air France 447 and highly doubt it was due to mechanical failure.

                            I'm no troll, not an expert in airplanes just an observer just giving an opinion.

                            Something is not adding up, I might be wrong in what I wrote recently but definately sure that something is not quite right.
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                            • Looking through also opinions regarding this matter, found a comment quite interesting...
                              I won't occupy more of the thread, just posting this opinion I found:

                              So now I wade in, with this theory :
                              *China Satellites find a wreckage along the original route of the air craft.
                              *Malaysia radar data talks of air-craft turning back, another air-craft tracked unto 200 miles north, towards Indian Ocean / Andaman Island.
                              How about 'an' aircraft TRACKED the MH370, shot it out of the sky, took the turn back, and then disappeared.
                              Why ?
                              Was there someone or some team or some group of people on MH370, who were to not reach China. Or something?

                              This is not assuming anything but thinking outside the box , though strongly believe something is not right.


                              • The letter from the oil rig worker is genuine and the information he provided suggested he is a credible, reliable witness, as opposed to some Joe Schmo reporting a bright light in the sky.... What I don't get from his report, is that he saw the plane on fire, then he reported the fire went out suggesting the crew managed to put the fire out? Hopefully this was the case and they had a controlled crash into the ocean. I think most large fires on planes have resulted in disaster and the crew has been unable to control it. I suppose one good thing, the witness (assuming he is correct) didn't see an explosion and at night in the clear weather conditions if the plane had exploded he would have seen it. Fingers crossed there are survivors.
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