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Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing En Route to China - Flight MH370

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  • Thanks Mike, yes 0 does not mean water level but what does it mean suddenly violet to White . When ADS B is not received the plane and its route disappears from the screen; in this case the plane remains visible from few swconds after the colour change


    • Originally posted by chidamg View Post
      I tried but i am unable to connect (could not open connection to database)
      yeah I mentioned in earlier post that it's difficult to connect, I don't know why but am able to connect and it will show like this
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      • Originally posted by chidamg View Post

        After three days, wouldn’t the phone batteries be dead by now?

        Not necessarily. Smartphones are renowned for their poor battery life and will typically last up to around 24 hours. But the batteries of older phones can last considerably longer.

        For example, the Nokia 100 boasts a standby battery life of a staggering 35 days. Smartphone batteries can also last longer if the handset isn’t being used, and especially if the phone is in Flight Mode.

        However, if the phone is in Flight Mode, it switches off all wireless activity meaning calls wouldn’t be able to connect, effectively ruling out this theory. If the phone batteries are dead, wouldn’t the call go straight to voicemail?

        In a word, yes. However, the process of sending the call to voicemail can differ depending on the service provider.

        For example, the majority of phones will go straight to voicemail, or callers will get an out of service message if voicemail hasn’t been set up.

        This will occur even if the phone is underwater, or not near a cell signal.

        However, some service providers will ring once or twice before the phone goes to voicemail, or cut off. This may explain the reports that claimed phones rang before seeming to hang up. Some reports claim the phones are just ringing and ringing though. How is this possible?

        Telecoms expert Alan Spencer told MailOnline that if the phones are really ringing, they can categorically not be under the sea.

        He added that the phones will only be ringing if they are ‘switched on, not in water, the battery is charged, and [they are] near a mobile cell site.’

        This means that if the phones are genuinely ringing, the plane needs to have landed on land – not in the sea – and be in a location where there is cell service, rather than landing in the middle of a jungle, for example. Why can’t network operators locate the phones?

        A number of family members have asked the network operators why they can’t use the phone’s signal to locate the missing people.

        Professor William Webb, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, told MailOnline: ‘The phones definitely won't be working. They'll be underwater, out of coverage and by this time out of battery.

        ‘So there's absolutely no way they could be used for triangulation.

        ‘As to why they are ‘ringing’ it'll be the same as if they were out of coverage - in some cases it may ring before going to voicemail.’What about the T3212 timer I’ve read about?

        The T3212 is a timer that causes a phone to periodically send a message to the network saying where it is.

        But Professor Webb said this only works when the phone is turned on and it is in coverage. It won't work when the battery is dead.

        What about reports that passengers are appearing online, on the QQ social network?

        When people sign into social networks including QQ, as well as Facebook, they appear online.

        This is the case whether they’ve signed in on a phone, tablet, PC, and laptop.

        if missing passengers are shown as online, they may not be using the service on their phone. Instead they may still be logged in on another device.

        If this other device shuts down or goes into standby, however, or there is a long period of inactivity, the social network will log them out, which may explain why some accounts went from online to offline over a period of three days.
        I have a Samsung Galaxy II phone if I am not using it for long calls and viewing video on the net and it is just on standby it can last up to a week without a charge.


        • This latest revelation that the Military tracked the flight 200 miles off course towards the Malacca Strait is very puzzling if it turns out to be correct. I'm beginning to wonder if any of the Indonesian data is to be trusted. I hate to speculate - especially when the families are desperate for information - but I can't understand how even if the plane turned back due to some catastrophic emergency where ALL of its navigational equipment completely failed (simultaneously disrupting the plane's communication and ability for ground radar to track them) that the pilot could end up that far off course. How did it 'evade' Malaysian and Thai radar between the two locations? Even if all the navigational equipment malfunctioned at once, couldn't the pilot use hand held gps devices (available in most smart phones) to get a sense of where they were? The passengers themselves must have even known they were way off course. A pilot with that much experience and simulator time would have probably even known the stars weren't right - and certainly would have known he'd overshot long before an hour of flight time. I'm certain that the military radar equipment is wrong.


          • Hello from Malaysia!

            The disappearance of aircraft 9M-MRO in mid-flight under good conditions, but mysterious circumstances led me to further investigate the issue. Even after 4 days of extensive search by 10 nations, involving about 40 ships, more than 20 airplanes as well as satellite data, there's still no trace to be found of the missing Boeing 777. As we all know, airplanes do not just disappear from the sky. There must be a rational reason for that.

            The most CRUCIAL points to look at are:

            A) Why no Emergency call ?
            B) Why no Radar echo ?
            C) Why no SQUAWK Ident ? (aircraft reply on radar beam contact)
            D) Why no ADB-S ? (sent out every 1 second)
            E) Why no ACARS ?

            All this indicates a very sudden, violent event *OR* a total power outage of all 3 independent power systems onboard *OR* manipulated transponders that were turned off intentionally. Note that SQUAWK (xx GHz), ADB-S (1090MHz) and ACARS (~130MHz VHF) operating on 3 very different frequency bands. It is extremely unlikely that someone 'jammed' their signals on 3 different frequencies. This would also jam the reception of all other air traffic in the same area by ATC.

            I would like to summarize all possibilities here:

            1) Explosion (fuel, bomb or cargo)
            2) Sudden disintegration of aircraft
            3) Total power loss (all 3 power systems including backup power failed)
            4) Hijacking by very skilled individuals - Transponder (SQUAWK), ADS-B and ACARS turned off
            5) Pilot sabotage/suicide - Transponder (SQUAWK), ADS-B and ACARS turned off
            6) Meteorite impact
            7) Collision with space debris (re-entering earth orbit)
            8) Collision with (stealth) military aircraft (military secret)
            9) Shot down by rocket/missile
            10) Extraterrestrial abduction of aircraft

            Number 3, 4 & 5 would allow the aircraft to turn around and heading to the nearest airport. According to Google Maps the nearest airport would be Redang Airport at Pulau Redang (Redang Island), about 149km from the last known position of the aircraft on FlightRadar24 (see my sketch attached). At a speed of 471 knots (equal to 872 km/hr) this would take about 10 minutes, even longer considering the speed reduction for landing. Gliding there for 10 minutes should be possible, however the Boeing 777 is fly-by-wire, controlled electronically, which makes it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to steer the plane. Then again, why no phone calls from passengers via mobile phones within more than 10 minutes? At least SMS if there should have been a sudden loss of cabin pressure with oxygen mask on (ideally). Unless phone coverage was also insufficient - of course there is an attenuation by the metal surrounding the plane.


            a) The 2 stolen passport holders might be just 'ordinary criminals'
            b) One should not rule out this "Chinese Martyr's Brigade" too fast


            I) Find out if 1 or more of the passengers might have a pilot license (hijacker, group might have collected all passenger's mobile phones & turned off transponders)
            II) Take beta & gamma radiation measurements exactly below the flight path (25 deg - 40 deg) on sea surface level (it doesn't hurt to know). If there is an increased radiation in this area (after 4 days!?) compared to the surrounding area (natural radio-activity) this could be an indication for number 1) or 10) above. I would do it - just in case.


            P.S. Used aircraft 9M-MRP last January, the next registered airplane in the line.

            MH370 - Nearest airport sketch.png


            • EMP Device?

              Would an EMP type of device be capable of disabling all of the plane's electronic systems, including comm and pax mobile phones?


              • Originally posted by oriondt View Post
                Would an EMP type of device be capable of disabling all of the plane's electronic systems, including comm and pax mobile phones?
                You'd think someone else would notice it, wouldn't you?


                • EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon) could be another possibility, even unlikely, but correct.
                  Yes, I believe it could in fact destroy major electronic systems in the aircraft. We are talking about a directed pulse here, not necessarily noticeable by others in a far distance if it would have been applied very close to the airplane. A pulse like this surely can 'fry' transistors and ICs in the electronics.
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                  • Malaysian military now reveals it tracked MH370 to Malacca straits




                    • IT remains a very strange behavior!MH 370 image.jpg


                      • First post and new to this forum. This whole incident has had me fascinated right from the start. Possibility of a cockpit fire? I'll explain if anyone wants me too. Not a very well thought through idea but at this point it seems anything is possible given the lack of information.


                        • I agree with you anything is possible but I am reinforcing my idea that the aircraft is not in South China sea


                          • Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Co-Pilot Invited Tourists into Cockpit in 'Crazy' Security Breach

                            read full story here


                            • Nothing particularly important but a bit coincidental? May be exaggerated by the DM as they tend to make something out of nothing at times..



                              • Hi folks,

                                I've not read the whole thread. In my opinion something has happend what made the aircraft unflyable. Every system (ELEC, HYDR, FUEL, ENGs, FLTCR) has one oder two backups. Even if total power is lost from one to the other moment (all engines failed) you may have the time and the power (batteries) for a MAYDAY. I think a any kind of explosion may be dangerous cargo, bomb on board, drone or missile attack made this happen.
                                Best regards Christian
                                Equipment: ICOM IC-A6E AirBand Radio, RTL-DVB-T Stick with RPi-B