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Air New Zealand announces new 748-819 orders form Boeing

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  • Air New Zealand announces new 748-819 orders form Boeing

    I just found out through Air New Zealand staff news that the kiwi airline will retire it's last two remaining 744's next year ZK-SUH & ZK-NBV to be parted out at Roswell USA. Now the airline was deciding on the airbus options. But the decided to stick with Boeing. The first two 748"to be delivered in Jan 2015 there is a order for eight 748"s to be in the fleet by 2016. They will come out in the new black rugby decals,strange though the rego's are similar to the DC10-30 jets they had from 1973 to 1982 ZK-NDL & ZK-NDN will be the first 748's in this rego. ZK-NZL, ZKNZN were the DC10-30 jets they had many years back. well maintained and a real eye catching sight to see the green & blue birds. This will eventually disappear from there aircraft they will be all black. The Kiwi airline has a outstanding performance record for maintenance from the DC8 & DC10 737, F27, 762, 763, 742, 744,772,773, A320's and number one service around the world now the 787 dream liner will be soon in the fleet in the new crazy about rugby decals. They were looking at the A380 jets but many problems with the big tub.

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    Too many problems with the A380?
    Hmmm. Don't know about that.
    I do know though they will need to choose carefully when it comes to engines for the 747-800.
    I don't suppose they will want GE GenX, given today's announcements.
    JAL have pulled the 787 off a couple of their routes and the other 15 airlines flying with these engines have been told not go within 50 miles of thunderstorms.