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ice 792 lands at shannon (fr24 says st petersburg to rome?)

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  • ice 792 lands at shannon (fr24 says st petersburg to rome?)

    just wondering if anyone knows if iceland air 792 is a regular flight to shannon? or as i suspect they diverted from about 200miles west of shannon...due to a tec problem or some such as (the pilot requested to use the full lengt of runway24) i could not hear the whole conversion to atc as atclive dropped out on me constantly...landed in shannon at 201 zulu... cheers
    just found out its a flight from ldf kentucky to shannon....thanks.
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    I cant bring up the database at present, but flightaware shows that flight thus;

    managed to get into the database and that flight is shown as you describe but I suspect the database may be wrong. They've been having some teething problems with the database and I'm not sure they are ironed out yet. Another site shows the flight as SDF-SNN

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      thanks gregg,sdf-snn is what i came up with too,as i work nites here in dublin i have shannon on most nites and dont remember ever seeing an ice land there,(cargo maybe)it was the comment from the pilot to use the full lenght of rwy 24 that stuck in my mind as odd,as shannon has very long runways anyway.....guess i should have looked harder before posting...doh,homer said it best, regards dion.