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Australian Upper Airspace mandate 2013

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  • Australian Upper Airspace mandate 2013

    For those who may be wondering about the scheduling of the use of ADS-B in Australia, attention is being drawn within the airline industry to this directive from Air Services Australia for all aircraft (irrespective of whether it is Australian or foreign owned) operating within Australian Airspace which will make its use mandatory;

    "The new requirements make fitment and operation of approved ADS-B avionics equipment mandatory on, and from, 12 December 2013 for all Australian aircraft operations at, or above, FL 290 (unless CASA has authorised otherwise)." (CASA is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

    Following on from the information above, a full page advertisement from Air Services Australia in the 'Australian Aviation' magazine Jan/Feb 2013 issue goes on to say:

    "Beyond 2013, the next key mandates for the transition to ADS-B are expected by February 2014 when ADS-B Out capability will be required in all new IFR aircraft registrations in Australia.
    By February 2014, most new aircraft and new transponder installations will use Mode-S transponders with ADS-B capability, by February 2016 all IFR aircraft operating within 500nm to the north and east of Perth to be fitted with ADS-B Out.
    By February 2017 all Australian registered IFR aircraft flying in Australia's airspace will be required to use ADS-B.

    All aircraft operators, including business jets, who fly at or above 29,000ft (FL290), must have ADS-B equipment installed and operating correctly by 12 December 2013."

    For the purposes of the above, 'IFR' means aircraft operating under 'Instrument Flight Rules' which basically includes (but is not limited to) all Regular Public Transport (RPT) operations and includes most (but certainly not all) of what we see on FR24. As I understand it, the reasoning for the need for ADS-B capability around Perth (as described above) is that those aircraft operating in that area are doing so in 'remote areas' (mostly to cater for the mining industry in Western Australia).

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    CASA issues ADS-B exemption
    CASA has issued a two-year exemption allowing aircraft not equipped with ADS-B transponders to continue operating in airspace above Flight Level 290
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