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    Global: Warsaw's Modlin closed after cracks found in runway

    WARSAW, Dec 23, 2012 (AFP) - Warsaw's Modlin airport serving budget airlines was forced to close because of apparent cracks in the runway, its director said Sunday.

    Wizzair and Ryanair flights were being diverted to Warsaw's main airport, Okecie, Piotr Okienczyc said, adding that repair work would begin on Monday.

    The airport, which opened six months ago, handles about 20 flights and an average of 5,000 passengers daily.

    Officials ordered the facility closed after an inspection Saturday.

    "On 22nd December 2012 it was announced that the runway at the airport would be closed to large aicraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 for safety reasons until at least 1 January 2013. Ryanair confirmed on the day of the runway closure they would divert all aircraft to Chopin Airport until the runway was repaired."
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    Warsaw’s Modlin Airport to reopen on 16 January?

    Warsaw’s Modlin Airport to reopen on 16 January?
    07.01.2013 13:03
    Warsaw’s Modlin Airport says they could be open for business on 16 January, after the runway was closed over the Christmas period, causing travel chaos to thousands of passengers.

    Modlin - which opened last summer to take much of the low-cost airline traffic previously handled by Warsaw Chopin international airport – is awaiting approval from the Regional Building Inspectorate on the reconstruction of the damaged runway, which ended on Friday, after cracks appeared on the airstrip just months after the airport opened.

    Modlin airport spokeswoman, Edyta Mikołaj has said that “we are anxious to restart operations at the airport as soon as possible. If the Building Control Inspectorate confirm opinions given to us by other experts, then we will be able to reopen for business.”

    Low-cost airlines Wizz Air and Ryan Air were forced to redirected traffic to Chopin International Airport during the holiday season.

    Mikolaj said it has suffered daily losses amounting to around $47,000 during the airport closure. ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt