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    Hello All
    Hmm where shall I begin, well B1 B2 B52 F117 F15E F111 GR7 GR4 TYPHOON and well we also have the newbies F22 F35 and of course there is the cost not just the per unit cost but the ongoing billions spent keeping these wonderfull amazing technological pieces of modern Aviation , flying , dont get me wrong they are Incredible Aircraft ok the FIII GR7 and soon to be GR4s and probably by now most of the F15Es will be off to the big storage parks , or maybe they are part of the new A380 or 777s now gracing our skies , so where does the future lie , what direction is military Aviation heading,,,,DRONES,DRONES andmore DRONES you can buy about 250 Drones for the same price as the nose wheel doors from a B2 , there is no pilot to worry about they can loiter unseen and unheard for six weeks waiting for their prey , then some guy in a office 4000mls away pushes a button ,,, take your pick Maverick Smart Munitions LGBs Cameras these little beasties are getting more and more intelligent, more and more accurate , they are lethal, science fiction now science fact,, mark my words this is the age of the Drones ,squillions and billions and sillyons will be saved think about it, with that sort of dosh, a cure for all cancers a cure for Alzeimers a cure for Parkinsons ( ME ), massive research into alternative energy supplies so much could be done , but I know it aint going to happen so I will stop droning on and on and on and on about ,,,ER Drones, what do you Aviation specialists out there think wil there still be a place for The Big Sicks like the B52 B1 B2
    Any comments on this rather sinister thread of Aviation,, after all if they do take over Airshows will be pretty boring.
    Regards. Des Barass
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    Does anyone agree I would appreciate views on this subject.
    Des Barrass