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  • Ryanair to USA

    Do someone know when Ryanair are planning to launch their routes to USA? What route will be opened first?


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    Ryanair Id rather fly with Cubana Airlines!!


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      I don't think that it'll happen in a few years. First of all they have to buy airplanes that are capable of flying such a route, and they have to get all permits etc.

      You never know with Ryanair.
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        Michael O'Leary ruled out any launch of a Ryanair 'sister airline' on the Ireland-US route until 2014 at the earliest because of the chronic lack of cheap, long-haul aircraft.

        they were kinda hoping for b787 or a350, but as it turns out, b787 are sold out until 2012 and airbus won't start the mass-production of a350 until 2013

        anyway I cant imagine person being desperate enough to spend at least 7 hours on a ryanair-like airline board just to get to the other side of the pond. Also it's no secret that ryanair success is based on cheap, unpopular airports. Can these "bus stations" meet the safety requirements necessary to provide service to transatlantic flights? (in another words - what will US say about incoming traffic from Europe with who-knows-what on board)??


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          Just wondering how anyone could "love" Ryanair.....


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            Originally posted by niaga dessip View Post
            Just wondering how anyone could "love" Ryanair.....
            I do!! they have taught the big boys how to run an airline for the good of the customers and not just for staff convenience and perks.
            What would we have to pay if they did not provide the competition.
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              I agree with your thoughts
              and I see Norweigan as another good example
              and I just admire the owner of Norweigan Mr Joost, see other thread

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