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Question about Takeoff and Landing 'noise windows'...

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  • Question about Takeoff and Landing 'noise windows'...

    Could anyone offer an opinion of "how far away from the airport is quiet enough?"

    I know it's a pretty vague question, but I am looking at properties in the general vicinity of Charlottetown airport (YYG), and we are quite sensitive to noise.

    So now I'm watching on FR24 and trying to deduce the typical flight paths for takeoff and landing - and also trying to figure out how far away I'd need to be to avoid the noise.
    I'm fascinated by aircraft, but really don't have a clue about their technical properties. I'm guessing takeoffs are probably a little louder than landings, and I really have no idea how close the plane needs to be in order to qualify as a 'noise source'.

    As for YYG... it seems there is not a whole lot of passenger traffic - so far it looks like mostly DH4s, Dash-8s and CRJ-100/200s.
    So the question is, how near to the airport would you typically have to be in order to notice such planes taking off and landing?

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    I did live about 5 miles from LHR and i found that did disturb my sleep, but i now live about 4 miles from LPL and most of flights are B737's or A319/A320 and they never wake me up.

    We do get some Dash-8's and they are very quite.

    At YYG the main runway's are 03/21, so if are worried about noise a property on the flight paths of runway's 10/28 would be quieter.

    Here are all the Flight paths that are used for YYG.

    Runway 03 approach:

    Runway 21 approach:

    Runway 10 approach:

    Runway 28 approach:

    This is the main site where you overlay Jet Charts and Victor Charts, this should help you identify the Flight paths.
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      Thank you VERY MUCH!
      That information is extremely useful for us