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Plastic-powered plane to fly from Sydney to London

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  • Plastic-powered plane to fly from Sydney to London

    10,000 mile flight aims to showcase fuel made from plastic waste as a viable alternative to conventional fuels

    A British adventurer hopes to help change the face of the airline industry by completing a record-breaking flight from Sydney to London in a single engine aircraft powered entirely by fuel made from plastic waste.
    Setting off in a Cessna 182 later this year, former aerobatics and Flying Doctors pilot Jeremy Rowsell plans to stop along the 10,000-mile route at Darwin, Christmas Island, Sri Lanka, Oman, Jordan, and Malta, cruising at 5,000 feet for stretches of up to 13 hours, before touching down in London six days later.
    The diesel engine plane will run on fuel developed by Irish companyCynar Plc, which melts down waste plastics in an oxygen-free environment, a process known as pyrolysis, to create the equivalent of a petroleum distillate that can be separated into different fuels.
    Cynar says this technique releases absolutely no emissions and the end product is not only cleaner than conventional diesel, it is also of a higher quality, while the small amount of plastics that cannot be converted to fuels are instead used to make floor coverings.

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