Now its become international news:

Scandinavian airline SAS AB (SAS.SK) experienced a turbulent summer flying season as more than 40 of its long-haul flights experienced delay or maintenance issues over the last two months, including cancellations and long delays that affected about 10,000 passengers.

SAS spokeswoman Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen said Scandinavia Airlines had a "challenging summer" due to bad weather in Asia and the U.S., as well as the need for both planned and unscheduled technical maintenance, factors that knocked the airline off its targeted regularity pace. In some cases, passengers experienced long delays or were re-routed onto other aircraft charted by SAS.

"In June, we were affected by hurricanes in the U.S., which damaged two of our planes while they were standing on the ground," she said. "At the end of summer, there were hurricanes in Shanghai, which also resulted in cancellations."

SAS, Scandinavia's biggest airline, recently posted a 42% drop in its second-quarter net profit due to the uncertain economic trend, high jet-fuel prices and intense competitive pressure. The company's fleet has an average age of 12.8 years, which is older than that of competitors like Lufthansa and Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS.OS).

"Overall for the year, we are now below our internal regularity target. It is not dramatic, but it means that we must improve," she said. She said the issues are not directly related to the age of the company's fleet.

Ms. Kromann-Mikkelsen said a majority of the cancellations and delays this summer were weather-related and not due to higher maintenance requirements of older aircraft.