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Saab rumored to start up civil aircraft corporation again?

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  • Saab rumored to start up civil aircraft corporation again?

    I just read an article on the Swedish aviation community "Flygtorget" that said the Swedish airplane producer Saab now are interested to restart the production of civil aircrafts again.

    The same rumor came up earlier this year, but was clearly denied from the company. Now, however, the rumors are back, since one of the directors in the company said the following thing to the news agency "Bloombergs":

    We started the devolpment of a new aircraft two years ago, it won't be exactly similar to our (Saab) 2000-model but will have some characterisic signs.
    It's also said that the only thing Saab is waiting for is a customer before the production will take off.

    The plane that Saab "wants" to build is a 70-80 seater turboprop that in my opinion could be right on the spot what the market is in need of, with the high gas prices in mind. What's also necessary to mention is that the Saab 2000 is the fastest and most quiet turboprop on the market with crusing speeds near a jet.

    What do you think?

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    I really like Saab 2000, so I hope there will be new model.
    And I think there is a need on the market for a 80 seat aircraft flying at 360-380 kts.
    Launch customer? SAS of course! That is exactly what they need for national Swedish routes with long distances and low passenger demand.
    Maybe Saab 3000?


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      Here's an interesting article about Saab :
      AMS Daily Fight Information: