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Private Plane Crash Filmed From Inside Cockpit (video)

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  • Private Plane Crash Filmed From Inside Cockpit (video)

    Amazing footage emerges of a light aircraft crashing into trees - filmed from inside the cockpit of the stricken plane.

    Those on board were heading up into the Idaho mountains for a morning hike at the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and then planning to fly on to a small town for dinner.
    However, the warming temperatures caused an increase in density altitude shortly after takeoff and the plane was unable to get adequate lift.
    It hit an air pocket and plunged quickly to the ground, crashing through the trees.
    There were cameras in various places in the plane, including the cockpit, which meant the whole terrifying accident was caught on film.
    Amazingly, all four men on board - the pilot, co-pilot and two passengers - survived, with one report suggesting the pilot had broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
    The people involved can be seen wandering around and sitting on the ground looking shocked in the aftermath.One man is lying injured on the ground near the wreckage of the aircraft with blood covering his face. Video is going on after gone down (dont stop) ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt

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    You can see the complete video on Liveleak:

    It's quite obvious that 4 persons + luggage + fuel + warm air + take off at 6200 feet is not a good combination in such a small plane. You can see clearly that the aircraft had problems taking off and gaining height.