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Armavia no longer operating Sukhoi SJ100

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  • Armavia no longer operating Sukhoi SJ100

    About 3 months ago Armavia denied delivery of their second Sukhoi SJ100 aircraft, and now they have also returned their first aircraft to Sukhoi.
    Sukhoi SJ100 is not longer visible on Armavia web page:
    Armavia claims thay are not satisfed with the aircraft.

    More information:

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    From what I could glean from the Internet, the "Sukhoi-friendly narrative" appears to suggest that Armavia had fallen back on some payments to Sukhoi, so their jet was essentially impounded and kept in storage until the dispute was resolved by a court. After which the jet was transferred to another customer (to re-state, I am just summarizing my understanding of what I have read on the Net).

    As per Wikipedia, Armavia filed for bankruptcy in 2013, after a couple of years of decline (true? false?). I couldn't get through to websites or, while did come up, but there is no meaningful info on it .. just the front page. If true, this would explain why Armavia struggled to pay the bills.

    At the same time, new jets always have teething problems. Therefore, the launch customers are essentially asked to act as risk-sharing partners, and that's why they often get good discounts.