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Paphos airport left unstaffed all night (Cyprus strike)

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  • scanhorse
    Air traffic controllers stopped in their tracks

    THE HOUSE yesterday passed a law with immediate effect restricting the right of air traffic controllers to strike, in a move designed to put a stop to a string of work stoppages by controllers that have wrought havoc on air travel in recent weeks.

    The government bill, fast-tracked by the executive and the legislature working in rare unison, makes it a criminal offence for any ATC to refuse to work when required, and provides for penalties of up two years in prison and/or a fine of €2,550. The penalties are provided for under an existing law.


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  • scanhorse
    Airport strike to go ahead today

    ROUND 10,000 passengers and 80 flights to and from Paphos and Larnaca Airports will be affected by the air traffic controllers’ (ATC) strikes this month as a final plea to call off today’s action fell on deaf ears.

    According to the airports’ spokesman, Adamos Aspris, today’s four-hour strike starting at noon, as well as another two at the same times on Monday and next Thursday, are expected to create huge problems for the airports, as well as the travelling public.

    “Based on preliminary data by Hermes Airports’ Operations Centre, the new strikes are expected to affect 36 flights (today) at Cyprus’ two international airports, 18 arrivals and 18 departures,” said Aspris. Of these, 22 involve Larnaca and 14 Paphos.


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  • Paphos airport left unstaffed all night (Cyprus strike)

    ANOTHER TWELVE flights and 1,500 passengers were affected last night and this morning after the Paphos control tower was left unstaffed for 13 hours through the night.
    The latest travel upset comes after air traffic controllers (ATCs) went on a four-strike on Friday, disrupting 20 flights to and from the island’s two airports, while hurting the island financially and politically.
    The ATCs plan another three four-hour strikes on March 7, 12 and 15 as part of scheduled industrial action over pay cuts.
    Hermes’ Airports spokesman Adamos Aspris said the absence of ATCs at the Paphos control tower from 7pm yesterday until 8am today “unfortunately” meant the airport had to close during those hours.
    According to Aspris, 12 flights to and from Paphos were disrupted and had to be rescheduled while around 1,500 passengers were also affected.