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Airbus Cracks: Aircraft Engineers say World’s Largest Planes Should be Grounded,

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  • Airbus Cracks: Aircraft Engineers say World’s Largest Planes Should be Grounded,

    Airbus Cracks: Aircraft Engineers say World’s Largest Commercial Planes Should be Grounded

    Australian aircraft engineers say all Airbus A380s -- the world's largest passenger aircraft -- must be grounded after both Singapore Airlines and Qantas found cracks in the wings of their super-jumbos.
    The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) sounded the alarm this week on one of the world's most iconic passenger aircraft designs, arguing that it suffers from a design flaw.
    "We can't continue to gamble with people's lives and allow those aircraft to fly around and hope that they make it until their four-yearly inspection," said Steve Purvinas, secretary of the ALAEA.
    Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Airbus admitted they had discovered cracks, but maintained that the aircraft were safe.
    The cracks in brackets inside the wings "do not pose a safety risk," the plane builder said Monday. According to Airbus, the "hairline" cracks are on a small L-shaped bracket inside the wing. The company reiterated that the European aviation safety authority supported their decision to deal with the cracks during the aircrafts' routine maintenance every four years.

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    Airbus traces A380 wing cracks to manufacturing process

    Airbus has traced the source of the cracking in A380 wing structures to unexpected additional stresses imparted by the manufacturing process, and is confident that its original flight loading calculations for the type are accurate.

    The airframer is in the process of changing the manufacturing process and has developed a fix for affected aircraft, as the European Aviation Safety Agency prepares to instruct operators to conduct precautionary inspections.

    Read more....

    More from Sky News....

    Airworthiness Directive regarding Airbus A380 wing cracks
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      What happens if the cracking on the A380 wings get to a point to far?Is this going to put more stress on the affected wing/s causing a possible snap of the wing and loss of aircraft?I am quite to this forum could someone please put me right on my thinking of this if i am totaly wrong. Please accept my appologies if i am wrong by asking these questions.


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        EASA AD on A-380 airplanes (2012-0026)

        Cologne, Germany - Following an unscheduled internal inspection of wings

        This affects all types: Airbus A380-841, A380-842, and A380-861
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          Qantas grounds (an) A380 due to cracks in wings

          Full Information

          and that the cracks were different from the cracks that manufacturer Airbus found in metal brackets inside the wings of two jets last month
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            Small cracks in superjumbo's wings

            CRACKS that have appeared in the wings of Airbus's superjumbo are being blamed on a design fault at the firm's factory in Filton.
            The problem of cracks has led to headlines across the world and has led to safety checks being carried out on every A380 in service.
            Airbus has been quick to point out that there is no threat to safety and all the aircraft involved are still in service.
            But the issue has still been an international embarrassment and will eventually see the entire fleet grounded
            so remedial work can be carried out.
            The A380 is currently the largest aircraft in commercial operation and one of the most advance planes in the world.
            The minor cracks are no more than two centimetres long but Airbus
            is bringing in the aircraft for the fix after about 1,300 flights
            when the enormous stress of thousands of hours of airtime
            start to make the problem worse.


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              Emirates berates Airbus over superjumbo cracks

              (Financial Times) -- Emirates Airline, the world's largest operator of Airbus's A380 superjumbo, has lambasted the aircraft maker and plans to seek compensation after complaining of widespread disruption to the carrier following the discovery of wing cracks on the jet.

              Emirates is having to temporarily ground all of its 21 superjumbos -- six at any one time -- while the wing cracks are fixed.


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