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  • Landing manouvre

    Hi guys, i'm a student in transport engineering, i had already presented myself in another thread on Fr24's databases. I'm studing the time of approach to FCO airport, and i was wondering if you can help me with some aviation theachings: there's a standard altitude on which the landing manouvre starts?! when the control tower of the landing airport states the holding for the airplane that is approaching?! I know that, maybe, my questions could appear stupid. thank you!

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    We have got a lot of pilot members over on Radarspotters that you could ask.
    Just look for members with this icon in their profile.


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      Take a look at this site:
      Scroll down to airport LIRF (FCO) and you can download maps for approach to the airport. Note that these maps are not made for real life flying, only for Flightsim users. But the charts are based on real life charts so you can use it for your own understanding of holding patterns. SID means Standard Instruments Departures. STAR means Standard Terminal Arrival Route, and that is what you should look for. Enjoy!