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CRASH ;Yakovlev Yak-42 passenger planecrash ,Central Russia

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    Just came in on news , more to come

    According to our source, the credible, the commission has found that the plane began to crackdown on the runway with the parking brake nevyklyuchennym. This device - analog handbrake in a car - used only for parking. Engine power is enough that the aircraft moved from its place, being on the parking brake (as well as some forgetful motorists gets under way on the "hammer") and have driven on a taxiway to the runway. But to accelerate to takeoff speed is already becoming problematic.

    In addition, the source said, "MK", ​​which, according to the transcripts of the speech recorder Yak-42, immediately before takeoff the aircraft commander ordered Andrew Solomentsev second pilot Igor Zhevelovu to take it over, citing poor health.

    The parking brake was off just a commander. But perhaps the moment of transfer of control of the pilots just forgot it and did not pay attention to the corresponding signal on the dashboard (beep it is not duplicated).

    Neisklyucheno that when the Yak-42 began to accelerate for takeoff and could not gain the required speed, the pilots noticed a mistake and turned off the brake.

    Minor improvement seen in Yak-42 survivor's condition

    Flight engineer Alexander Sizov, injured in the Yak-42 passenger liner crash near Yaroslavl has been transferred from intensive care to the burns department and he is showing minor signs of improvement, a Moscow medical source told Interfax.

    "Sizov was moved from intensive care to the burns department last night and his condition is slightly improving," he said.
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      Established cause of the accident Yak-42: pilots forgot to turn off the parking brake

      Established cause of the accident Yak-42: pilots forgot to turn off the parking brake

      The cause of the crash of the Yak-42 near Yaroslavl, where hockey team lost "Locomotive", called "MK" in the aviation industry source close to the investigation. As it turns out, has led to the tragedy of banal pilot error, which motorists have called a "mistake blonde": they forgot to turn off the parking brake

      Yak-42 "Proton" # 42434 Cabin configuration
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        more possible causes

        and a post comment

        So that's what happened: they forgot to make the proper trim setting, aircraft accelerated to V2 (210-230) but refused to get off the ground, Captain ordered to increase thrust, F/O made a comment about trim, Captain agreed and still tried to take off. Looks like a situation where the takeoff should have been aborted even after V1.. END QUOTE

        Should be nice to get the correct soloution to this accident ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt


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          New report fr MAK , 17/9 in translate

          Yesterday a new statement from MAK

          09/17/2011 According to the results of the field phase of the investigation the crash of the Yak-42 RA 42 434 in the terminal area of Yaroslavl and in accordance with a preliminary analysis of available documentation and data decryption means of objective control of the Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) was established:
          Takeoff weight and center of gravity aircraft did not exceed the permissible limits.
          Before beginning the takeoff flaps were set at 20 degrees (take-off position), the stabilizer -8.7 degrees on the pitch up, which corresponds to the estimated 24-25% of the alignment of the MAR.
          Before takeoff the crew double-check all the channels had control of the aircraft, including the channel of the elevator, the elevator was deflected cleanly. The maximum recorded deflection of the elevator pitch up to 21 degrees, which corresponds to a constructive stop. Last check was performed for 1 minute and 40 seconds before takeoff.
          Weather conditions at the time of the accident: wind 360 - 3 m / s, visibility 10 km, clouds significant stratocumulus lower limit of 990 m, the temperature of +17.8, 747.9 mm Hg pressure. Art., friction coefficient of 0.6.
          Take off from runway 23 was carried out. Taxiing aircraft to take off was carried out by RD 5. Distance from RD 5 to the input end of runway 23 of about 300 meters. The total runway length of 3000 meters.
          The crew decided to take off at nominal operation of the engine. Preliminary simulations showed that the rate of up to ~ 165 km / h acceleration rate corresponded to the plane actually installed engine thrust.
          The rise of the nose wheel crew began at approximately 185 km / h. The elevator was rejected by pitch up to values ​​of 9-10 degrees (about half speed), but the growth of the pitch angle has not happened. After 6 seconds the engine was installed takeoff mode. In the future, despite the output of engines for takeoff, the growth speed slowed significantly, which may be explained by the appearance of additional braking force. The actual value of an additional braking force will be established based on the results of mathematical modeling and field experiment, scheduled on a plane analog-to LII. MM Gromov. On the part of OKB preparing flight program of the meeting. Surviving the braking systems of the aircraft sent to study in a specialized institution. Studies brake system started on 16 September.
          The maximum speed is reached the plane, is approximately 230 km / h. In spite of continuing rejection of the elevator pitch up to the separation plane on the runway did not happen. According to the sketch scene of the accident, the actual separation of aircraft took place at a distance of 400 meters at the exit end runway 23 after deflection of the elevator at 13-14 degrees and the relocation of the stabilizer up to 9.5 degrees on the pitch up. After separation of the aircraft from the ground was his encounter with the antenna system localizer and the rapid growth of the pitch angle to 20 degrees for 2-3 seconds. Maximum height, which scored aircraft - of 5-6 meters.
          Later followed by intensive krenenie plane to the left and its collision with obstacles and the ground.
          According to the results the calculations of fragments of the aircraft revealed that at the time of the accident flaps and slats were installed during take-off position, the spoilers are retracted, the stabilizer in position about 10 degrees pitch up. Wiring layout elevator control showed that at the time of the accident was not disconnecting the wiring.
          The Technical Commission fulfills all possible versions of the occurrence of additional braking force on the takeoff and the reasons why the aircraft failed to make timely detachment from the runway.
          In connection with appearing in the media numerous "versions" of the causes of the accident with the Yak-42D RA-42 434, referring to close to the investigation of the "experts", the Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee said that official information about the investigation found only in Internet site of the MAC. Links to any other sources, the publication of unofficial material and "copying" of the various versions of the causes of the accident conflict with the moral and ethical standards, international and Russian rules of accident investigation.

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            Transcript reveals new details of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crash

            A transcript of the last 40 seconds of communications between the Russian pilot and crew of the Yak-42 plane carrying the Yaroslavl ice hockey team before it crashed on Sept. 7 killing 44 people, including star Czech players, indicates pilot error was likely to blame. The crash investigation team head said on Tuesday that tests also show the pilot and crew were sober. Meanwhile, the sole survivor, a flight engineer, is out of intensive care. ...........................................

            Here follows a translation of the rest of the communication between the flight crew:
            Flight engineer:“220, 230 [kph].”
            Copilot:“It’s probably the stabilizer.”
            Pilot:“Takeoff [mode], takeoff mode, stabilizer.”
            Copilot:“What are you doing?”
            Pilot:“Takeoff mode.”
            Flight engineer:“Takeoff mode.”
            Pilot: (swears)
            Copilot:“Andryukha!” – familiar form of the pilot’s name Andrei.

            more.............................................. .........


            Free translation on PPrune ;

            Time stamps:

            Captain: 74, 76.
            11:58:40 F/E: 74, 76.
            11:58:41 Captain: time, lights, taking off, limit 190.
            11:58:53 Captain: 3, 4, 5, nominal (thrust).
            11:58:58 F/E: At nominal.
            11:58:59 F/E: Speed increasing.
            11:59:04 F/E: Parameters OK.
            11:59:07 F/E: 130
            11:59:12 F/E: 150
            11:59:15 F/E: 170
            11:59:19 F/E: 190
            11:59:27 F/E: 210
            11:59:28 Captain: TOGA!
            11:59:31 F/E: 220
            11:59:34 F/E: 230
            11:59:37 F/O: Probably the stabilizer
            11:59:41 Captain: TOGA! TOGA! HS
            11:59:47 F/O: What are you doing
            11:59:48 Captain: TOGA!
            11:59:49 F/E: TOGA
            11:59:56 F/O: Andrey!

            After 11:59:19 acceleretion decreased. Between first instruction instruction TOGA! and F/E confirmation seems to be interval 21 sec! It look like the first command was omited and TOGA was set after the captain secound command.


            QUOTE another from PPrune

            There is many a passenger in a car who subconsciously presses hard on the footwell when they think the driver is too close to the car in front, without saying anything about it (the imaginary brake).

            Conversely, if it was a braking system fault, then what could cause brakes to come on uncommanded? It is not a usual system failure. Does the Yak have autobrakes?

            Another possibility might be a brake that was binding from the beginning, but the problem worsened as it got hotter. A brake would need to be on for some time, or on very hard, to get enough energy to burst into flames.
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     reports 22/9 :

              Google translate

              Representatives of the Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee to investigate the crash of the Yak-42 RA-42 434 conducted a survey engineer for aircraft and avionics, as a result of surviving an accident.
              According to him, objections to the work of aircraft in the previous flight, in preparation for an emergency flight and during emergency flight was not. In his words, it was clarified the actual distribution of passengers and baggage at the front cabin was leading the team and coaches, the team was on the second cabin, the bulk of luggage was loaded into the rear trunk.


              TRANSLATED IN PPrune :

              Representatives of the Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee to investigate the crash of the Yak-42 RA-42 434 conducted an interview with engineer for aircraft and avionics, surviving accident. In his opinion, there were no complaints abt the work of aircraft in the previous flight, in preparation for accident flight and during accident flight. His words clarified the actual distribution of passengers and baggage - in the front cabin was management of the team and coaches, the team was in the second cabin, the bulk of luggage was loaded into the rear trunk.
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                Only survivor of Yak-42 crash says aircraft was technically flawless

                Flight engineer Alexander Sizov, the only survivor of the Yak-42 plane crash near Russia's Yaroslavl, was interviewed by officials of the technical commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee. Sizov told the experts that he had no complaints about the operation of the crashed aircraft during the previous flight. The man also said that he had found no faults with the equipment of the Yak-42 aircraft during the preparations to the last flight of the aircraft, RIA Novosti reports.
                "His description helped us specify the location of passengers and the luggage. The administrators of the team and coaches were staying in the front part of the plane. The team was sitting in the second salon. Most of the luggage was placed in the rear luggage section," officials of the committee said after the interview with Mr. Sizov.


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                  Russia grounds six airlines

                  Moscow, Sep 26 : Russia's aviation watchdog said Monday it has annulled the licenses of three Airlines and suspended three others after a comprehensive check initiated in the wake of a recent plane crash that wiped out an entire ice hockey team.

                  The Federal Air Transport Agency revoked the licenses of Ilin Airline, the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School airline and YAK-Servis, the owner of the Yak-42 airliner which crashed near Yaroslavl Sep 7, killing the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl professional ice hockey team.

                  The agency also suspended the licenses of Avis-Amur, Jetalliance East and the Beriev Aircraft Company, it said in a statement.


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                    Last flight of Yak-42 went wrong from very beginning - survivor

                    The only survivor in the Yak-42 plane crash near Yaroslavl, which killed virtually the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl professional hockey team, said the flight went wrong from the very beginning.
                    The troubles began when the plane accelerated for takeoff.
                    "Passengers started to worry almost immediately why we were not taking off. Shortly after I understood that the plane would run off the runway. When we took off it was clear that the plane was rolling and we would soon crash," crew member Alexander Sizov said.
                    The 52-year-old aircraft engineer said he was in the cabin during takeoff and his safety belt was not fastened.
                    "Everything flew on impact, I was hit hard by something, the right side of my body is all broken. I found myself in water, I didn't notice anything around me. I didn't notice the plane wreckage, I didn't notice the fire, I saw nothing," he said.
                    "I survived by a miracle," Sizov said, adding that he has no plans to quit aviation

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                      From Investigation at


                      In accordance with the decision of the Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee to investigate the disaster Yak-42D RA-42 434 JSC "Aviation company" Yak Service ", specialists of JSC" Irkut Corporation ", JSC" Yakovlev Design Bureau. AS Yakovlev ", FSUE" LII. MM Gromov, "and SRI GA prepared, negotiated and approved a program of reconstruction of a natural experiment for emergency take-off aircraft Yak-42D 07/09/2001, the a / c Tunoshna Yaroslavl.
                      Performance studies will be conducted at the LII. MM Gromov on the plane analog of the Yak-42 RA-42 412 crew, composed of test pilots LII and Yakovlev Design Bureau. AS Yakovlev. Works will be carried on aircraft equipment more recording devices.
                      During the field experiment is planned to run off with the regular repetition of the crew in an emergency flight, but without creating an additional braking force. It will be done a number of aborted take-off to assess the suitability of the results of mathematical modeling of the emergence of additional braking force at different stages of the takeoff the plane and evaluating its impact on the creation of dive time, which prevents lifting the nose wheel and reach the take-off angle of pitch, that is, the conditions of takeoff of aircraft.
                      If there are weather conditions (dry required bandwidth by a factor of cohesion and absence of 0.6 strong wind), work will begin on October 10 this year

                      The Technical Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee informs that today, in the course began in LII. MM Gromov flight research conducted in the framework of investigation of the disaster Yak-42D RA-42 434, was made ​​its first flight.
                      The purpose of the flight was playing the actual actions of the crew in an emergency flight, but without affecting the aircraft additional braking force.
                      After landing, the specialists have started initial treatment recorded data of objective control for comparison testing and emergency flights.
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                        Crash caused by pilot error

                        Aleksei Morozov, the head of the committee, said it wasn't clear whether the error was the fault of flight's commander or the co-pilot, who did not have much experience with the Yak-42.

                        "Test pilots established in a flight experiment that an erroneous pushing of the brake pedals during takeoff is possible only if the pilot's feet are placed by mistake on the braking floor," the Times quoted Morozov saying in remarks carried by the Interfax news agency. "Even a slight pressure on the pedals may have been overlooked by the pilot."
                        The commission also found flaws with the flight crew's training.

                        Read more: