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Ryanair fuel emergency

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    ralph , no I hadn't noticed that lightning sitting there , it doesn't look very active

    I did see a programme on the TV recently which showed the performance of this aircraft , especially in vertical climb ; I was so amazed at the performance of this 50 year old machine I have no memory of what the programme was about !


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      Originally posted by lebesset View Post
      well so has valencia , but each runway has 2 numbers , the magnetic heading divided by ten
      eg if the runway heads due north and the aircraft lands in that direction the pilot lands has landed on runway 36 ; if he lands in the other direction he has landed on runway 18

      so when you are given the runway number you know the direction of landing [ or take off if applicable ]

      so , when the aircraft approaches the pilot then knows which direction to land in

      as you see , it means that this aircraft tried to land in alicante travelling towards the sea , and more or less the same at valencia

      if there are parallel runways they will be designated right and left

      the runways will be marked at the landing end with their number

      btw , the uplink showing activity near alicante that you ?

      actually , it looks more like it is someone in ibiza with a radius of perhaps 100nm
      Thanks that explains it.

      NO not me yet.

      Hopefully in a week or 2, I am waiting on external aerial to arrive.

      Also a cheap laptop is on its way to me today so I can do 24/7



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        look forward to that robin...whereabouts are you ?


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          I live ~ 8 miles south of Alicante airport, more or less on southern flight path.