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Spanair MD82 at Madrid on Aug 20th 2008, off runway (154 people died)

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  • scanhorse
    President of Spanair crash victims group says investigation should be reopened

    Pilar Vera, the president of the Association of Victims of Flight JK 5022, lost a niece in the Spanair disaster at Madrid's Barajas airport. Since then she has not rested in four years, spurred on by two beliefs: that someone must be held to account for the accident, and that if a similar catastrophe should occur, the authorities should be compelled to offer "dignified treatment" to victims and their families alike.

    Vera cannot forget the "appalling treatment and psychological strain" that those affected by the crash on August 20, 2008 had to go through after chaos and improvisation took hold of the airport. Aside from the ongoing legal battle, Vera is determined to see the introduction of a victims' statute containing a specific protocol that should be followed in the event of an air disaster. "We already have a statutory agreement with the justice minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón," Vera notes.

    By contrast, the association president, who attended a memorial ceremony for victims at Barajas on Monday, is extremely unsatisfied with the judicial proceeding. "The investigation was closed with just two people charged, when it should have been five at least. The judge closed the case because he knew that the General Council of the Judiciary wasn't going to make the same effort it did after the accident; the trial was collapsing and he decided to shut it down and didn't carry out some investigations we had asked for. We have appealed."


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  • scanhorse
    Spanair admits to poor pilot discipline in the 2008 Madrid plane crash

    154 people died when the Spanair flight crashed on take off at Barajas Airport in Madrid
    Spanair is blaming a combination of the poor design of the plane and the actions of the pilots for the crash of one of the company’s planes on takeoff in Madrid in August 2008 which resulted in the death of 154 people.

    The company’s technicians have concluded that the ‘the responsibility lies with Boeing’ the owner of the manufacturer of the plane, McDonnell Douglas. The company says that the two pilots were ‘correctly prepared’ but do admit ‘a lack of the necessary discipline’ in the cockpit. The company notes that the pilots were distracted for several apparent reasons, including the presence of a third person in the cockpit.

    This document from Spanair will be handed to Judge, Juan Javier Pérez in Instruction Court 11 in Madrid on Monday, and joins five other reports on the tragedy that he has already, from the association of those affected, from the SEPLA pilots’ union, from the technicians’ organisation and from the CIAIAC the Commission for the investigation of aircraft accidents.
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  • scanhorse
    Prosecutor seeks prison for Spanair crash mechanics

    Madrid's public prosecutor will ask for prison sentences of two-and-a-half to four years, and the revoking of professional licenses for a period of three to six years, for at least two of the five people charged in the 2008 Spanair accident in Barajas, in which 154 people were killed and 18 injured.
    The sentences correspond to charges of 154 counts of negligent homicide and 18 counts of bodily harm, which initially are only against the two Spanair mechanics involved. Sentences for negligent homicide range between one and four years of prison, but as a single act was responsible for all 154 deaths, the final sentencing will be in the upper half of this range, according to Spain's criminal code.


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  • alpayx
    Spanish pilots blamed for plane crash

    A new report from Spain's Accident Investigation Commission shows the pilot for Spanair flight JK-5022, which was bound for Gran Canaria from Madrid in 2008, lost control on takeoff when the aircraft's flaps did not unfold, El Mundo reported Tuesday.

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  • Spanair MD82 at Madrid on Aug 20th 2008, off runway (154 people died)

    Report has come :

    The Spanish CIAIAC have released their final report in Spanish concluding the probable cause of the crash was:


    Anybody else notice the coincidence of several aviation accident investigation reports all being released late on a Friday?

    Issue management strategy??
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