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Research tools for for info USA registered aircraft and some others

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  • Research tools for for info USA registered aircraft and some others

    it's my understanding that aircraft registered in the USA are required to have a ID assigned to it starting with a "N" and then a number and maybe an additional letter
    the US FAA has a master list of those numbers showing a lot of info about the aircraft.
    hit up Google for "FAA registration Search"
    go the FAA link

    BIG ASSUMPTION is that everyone involved in the registration process is doing their jobs correctly!!!
    people screw up the paperwork all the time.... So you may get wrong or out of date info.

    punch in the number you see and then the info will pop up. this will include what it actually is. airplane, glider, balloon, etc.
    also has manufacturer, model, year built, engine(s) details, registered owner, etc
    I would not expect VIP names to would show up in the listings.
    They wouldn't "own" the aircraft in their name. The aircraft would belong to a company or something like that for business/legal reasons;

    i'm sure other countries have the same kind of requirements for registration as well.

    I know that UK based aircraft use a "G" code and Canada using a "C" code.
    hit up wikipedia for "aircraft numbers", they have a map of codes and countries.
    Other countries should have something like the US FAA to keep track of ID assignments. .
    it's up to the other countries if they allow just anyone to poke around for registration info