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Ryanair volcanic ash in two aircraft engines

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  • Ryanair volcanic ash in two aircraft engines

    Ryanair said today the airline found "safe" levels of volcanic ash in two aircraft engines.

    Spokesman Stephen McMamara told RTÉ that nobody was exposed to any risk “whatsoever” and that the levels found were within the manufacturer's guidelines.

    The airline yesterday confirmed that two of its aircraft that landed at Belfast City Airport at the weekend had traces of ash in their engines.

    The two planes, which were due to fly to London, were grounded on Sunday. They were returned to service yesterday.

    Anyone know which 2 planes they are writing about?

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    Here is one of them a/c from RYR on piture, if you can idenfify it

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      That picture is another incident that happened one day after the first incidents.


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        There must be a joke about another RyanAir charge there somewhere!


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            I don't believe that it's volcanic ash...I think Ryanair passengers are going outside for cigarette because there's rumoured to be a charge for the toilets!