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Have you ever experienced CATIIIB landing ?

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  • Have you ever experienced CATIIIB landing ?

    Hi everyone !

    This is my first post here about my first ever CAT IIIB flight.So on 2nd Feb 2021 I had the sheer luck of experiencing the most advanced ILS on the planet and what made it more so wonderful that I got to experience it at my very own homebase (VILK) and I hope I'd get to know some of your experiences of the same as well.

    So last month I was flying from BOM to LKO onboard IndiGo A321-271NX (VT-IUK) and actually it was a planned flight for me as I had booked this flight in no time after checking the weather forecast and it showed to be foggy on this very day at my base and rest I had left it on God and hoped I get to fulfill my long lasting dream.

    the flight was half full and the takeoff from BOM and cruising went just like any other previous flights I had taken but yeah the sunrise was gorgeous as it always is from 37,000 FT so after 1 hour and 10ish minutes we began our descent and very soon I could see a layer a white which was fog over my city as we stayed at 11,000 Feet where we were on 4 holding patterns before finally commencing our descent further as we began our initial approach and further to 2,350 Feet as we continued on our final approach on RWY 27 ILS CATIIIB Runway at my base.

    Now as the plane was on the final with flaps extending and landings gears coming down I could see the thick layer of fog diccipate into more moderate fog and It kind of broke my heart because I went all the way to BOM to experience the CATIIIB and seeing fog disperse I thought may be its gonna be a CAT I landing and I was really saddened but God sure knows how to surprise us in the best ways...and just as the aircraft got about 1NM from the touchdown I could see a huge cloud of fog engulfed the wings of the 321NX and A few seconds later I saw runway borderline appear blurred in fog and we touched was magical...I realized that I had just experienced my first ever CATIIIB autolanding !

    Im adding the video below which has all the METARS and TAF during my flight times !

    the closest METAR observation i.e 9 minutes before my landing stated the Horizontal Visibility as 0000 and RVR 100 meters !

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    How can you be certain it was CATIIIB specifically? and not CATIIIA?

    RVRs on the METAR are pretty much always out of date as the RVR can be changing every couple of minutes.
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