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Can David Blaine's Ascension flight get pinned?

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  • Can David Blaine's Ascension flight get pinned?

    Hi there,

    Long time user, first time poster; was wondering what it would take to get David Blaine's Ascension flight (N947DB) pinned. It is something that has been covered pretty extensively by the media.

    For reference:

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      Yes, that's the one.


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        I feel I have to ask; Is that really the sort of attention grabbing airspace behavior that even *should* be promoted?
        He starts off the video explaining that he's first and foremost a showman who specialized in slight of hand & video tricks.
        Then he goes on to promote that he's going to do a publicity stunt by flying a lighter-than-air craft - himself in a harness - that is barely controllable.
        In my opinion, it feels like what the lawn-chair balloon guy would've done if he was born to do PR and fundraising & came of age in the era of Instagram & YouTube careers. It's the sort of stunt that requires ever greater extremes to grab more views and again in my opinion it is *not* the sort of behavior that should be promoted.
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