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    Hi folks, newbie here. While checking something for a friend, spotted some really odd goings and wonder if anyone could shed any light.

    In recent months the Chinese government imposed a limit of one flight per week per origin/destination country per airline into and out of the territory. Curiously FR24 records flights such as BA160/1, MU551/2, CA849/50 still operating almost daily, all with different aircraft so cannot be a recording error surely. Some of the schedules do not appear to exist either until the day in question and then pops up.

    Even more curious is that these flights do not seem to exist on the departure boards at Heathrow, and ticket do not appear purchasable from the likes of BA website (possibly sold out yes).

    So what is actually going on? Are these actual scheduled flights? Are they so-called ghost flights which go around empty just to preserve the airlines' landing slots at LHR? Seems a massive waste if so if only one per week carried passengers but five or six were operated.

    I don't actually need to travel or buy a ticket for it but just seems to find it difficult to decipher. Cheers for any input.

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    Most likely answer, is commercial used for freight.
    It's happening worldwide, and since not regular schedule they don't show up as a standard passenger service
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      Ah yes. I did wonder about that. I ruled it out as from my understanding Chinese authorities require non-standard schedules to use a different flight number range even for variation from passenger flights. That must have been wrong.


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        Not sure on that region in particular and any restrictions they may have. But for the rest of the world it's been a matter of figuring out what the new temporary routes while in 'lockdown' are against which are not standard freight schedule callsigns
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers