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    does anyone have a clue about this flight activity?
    These 2 small aircrafts were flying long loops over areas heavily affected by COVID-19.

    Thank you
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    Hi Pensoso, my name's Nick, I come from Turin, Italy
    This is my very first answer to a post on this site...anyway, a friends of mine just asked my some information about that "comb-frame" flight path.
    I-BLFE it's part of CGR Spa fleet, company leader in Italy and Europe in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing, located in Parma.
    I don't know if there are any connection with COVID-19 crisis, maybe they were just doing their job....
    No info about I-GRAD at the moment
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      Hi everyone, there seems to be plenty of such activity over central Europe these days, especially over Germany and Benelux. These are typical photogrammetry patterns, perhaps they are taking advantage of good weather and scarce commercial traffic to perform these activities. Or, there might be some data gathering related to the COVID, or some substances being sprayed, or radiations maybe.... Would be nice to know from someone involved in the actual operations.

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        Quest'oggi sopra Torino (zona Sud= questo aereo ha fatto continui giri. Col binocolo ho potuto vedere che nella parte inferiore della scocca aveva una fessura per (forse) qualche macchinario per rilevazioni fotografiche o, chiss, di quale altro genere. Allego foto.
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          As regards plane I-GRAD, interestingly it was flying over San Remo and wesl coast of Liguria yesterday (May 2nd 2020) : same conduct, same longitudinal / parallel paths.
          What's going on? Only future developments will make it clear.
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