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What are the 2 lights i see at night underneath large planes ?

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  • What are the 2 lights i see at night underneath large planes ?

    for example a 767 just went over me at about 20k feet its 125am so pitch black, when i look up i see 2 solid white lights on the underside of the plane so where are they fixed on the plane ? and what for as theyre on the underside ( is it for pilots below them so they can see where planes are above them) thanks

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    Possibly Landing lights enabled due weather (mount front wing beside body)

    Or tail mounted position light
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      i made a video to give an example of what i see at night sorry its a bit shaky ! i will try get a better video in a few days so what are the 2 bright lights for and mounted where ? thanks


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        Pretty likely they're "landing" lights but in reality their purpose is anti-collision. It's very typical for any aircraft to utilize these lights through most altitudes when they are ascending to cruise altitude or descending as they approach their destination. During cruise phase, the forward oriented lights are extinguished and the Nav/Position lights are on. Many, if not most commercial ops also have internal policies that require the crew to utilize the lights that illuminate corporate logos on the vertical stabilizer (tail) which is usually visible (the light, not the logo) from afar when at altitude.


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          Those still white lights are aft facing wingtip position lights. Colored one are in front.