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Old Bangkok airport delays (DMK)

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  • Old Bangkok airport delays (DMK)

    Yesterday Sept 30 and today October 1, there have been numerous delays and flights diverting to UTP. Aircraft have been holding north and south of the airport. Wondering what is happening at DMK the past two days.DMK Delays.jpgnorth.jpgdizzy.jpg

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    Looking at the past 36 hours of met reports, the only thing of note is a few periods of thunderstorms.


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      I believe it is just congestion. All the LCC using DMK, they are overwhelmed with the amount of people and flights coming in, and just cannot handle the capacity. I have been reading that they are going to expand the terminals, but it is still a nightmare to use that airport. I avoid it at all costs and pay the extra to fly from BKK.

      We have been having the daily afternoon thunderstorms close to UTP during these delays, so it may be that DMK is getting hit, they divert to UTP until the weather at DMK clears, then as the storm heads to UTP, they get out of there and head to DMK. I noticed the UTP to DMK flights would head to the west side of the gulf, then head north, rather than a straight line towards DMK (of course vectored to avoid BKK traffic).

      I have put the intense precipitation layer on now. I will see if this helps figure things out.
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        Yes I also avoid VTBD/DMK like the plague, its a very unattractive place when its gets crowded...whether its in the air or in the terminal. I like your local airport...VT Bar Fine