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all planes are avoiding Sudanese airspace

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  • all planes are avoiding Sudanese airspace

    I can see that no planes are for the moment crossing into Sudanese airspace. All flights coming from Europe and heading to East Africa were diverted from Egypt on towards the Red Sea, in order to cross over Eritrea and Ethiopia into Kenya and Tanzania. One flight, DLH590, FRA-NBO even returned from over the Red Sea towards Cairo.

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    Do you know if there is an official ban on flyovers? Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about this, except for a news article that says Sudan is banning Israeli Aircraft from overflying. However, there was no information about an universal ban on flyovers for all aircrafts.

    It seems like flying over South Sudan is possible, though.


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      Search for Sudan airspace - plenty of hits reporting borders are closed from yesterday eg



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        Hello, following the military coup in Sudan, not only borders were closed, but also airspace, the latter for 1 day. So airspace should be open again as from today, and seems to be so effectively, as I can see planes using Sudanese airspace at this very moment.

        I think I have to update as follows : not sure that planes are effectively using Sudanese airspace right now, because all positions of the planes in that airspace are the "estimated" positions, no direct tracking is available above (most of) Sudan (with exception of the area around Khartoum). And I suppose that the "estimated" tracks of a plane are pointing directly to their destination, when a plane is not following it's usual route. A second reason why I think the closure of the airspace is still in place is that I see no movements at all around Khartoum itself, nor at the international airport itself.
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          Nobody would dare fly over the airspace on these conditions.
          F-SYGO1, Guyana, South America.


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            Originally posted by Sony View Post
            Nobody would dare fly over the airspace on these conditions.
            Would certainly have to be brave to do so, that's for sure.