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What happened to the daily KLM565/566 flights (AMS-NBO-AMS)?

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  • What happened to the daily KLM565/566 flights (AMS-NBO-AMS)?

    Does anyone know why the daily KLM 565/566 flights to and fro Nairobi were halted abruptly as from March 5th?
    On March 5th-6th-7th the scheduled flights were canceled. The March 8th and 10th flights got the status "unknown", and didn't materialise. It looks like future flights won't take place.

    In the meantime, Kenya airways provided this connection through KQA194/195 flights, tough initially as a stand in, as no flights were originally scheduled between March 5th and March 8th. They seem to be scheduled as from now.

    I'm interested because I and/or my partner took this KLM flight several times; also I'm screening the Europe - East Africa connections since a number of years on FR24. I searched on the internet but did'nt find any clue.

    thanks, FrankGP