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  • New (independent) Flight Chat Room

    After FR24 discontinued its chat room, several former members and moderators set up a new, similar chat room with the help of a Swedish member.

    The main focus of the Flight Chat Room (still) is aviation news and real time radar flight tracking, with a set of updated community guidelines to make it a safe, pleasant environment where everyone is treated kindly and with respect, and where nobody engages in illegalities.

    Everyone is welcome, former members of the FR24 chat room as well as new visitors. Hope to see you there soon!

    Flight Chat Room:
    update as of 1 September 2019, the chatroom has many new features! This is the new URL:

    Community Guidelines:
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    I like the 'real time' interaction. Great for sharing live flight tracking and picking up more information.
    The Forum is good for posting technical questions when you can wait to read different opinions from other users, but the instant chat has a friendly community feel.
    There are 'quiet' times, but if you find yourself alone and leave a message indicating when you might return, many users read the history and might be able to join you when you return.


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      Just noticed the edit about new improved version. Didn't manage to spend much time in the previous version, but hoping to give the new one a try to check out the improved features.


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        In August this year,. We purchased a New more up to date Chat room,.
        Which has a lot more to it,. Where you can listen to Radio/music why chatting,.
        We are also working on ATC that the memeber can also listen on the air chat,.
        With over things still being downloaded and tweated,.
        So we dont need to be last on the list,. As it use to be,.. But we still have Flightradar24 in our hearts
        And any help we can give,.. We give it gladly,.. It is also a secure site with https
        And we the Moderators intend to kept it that way
        If youd like to check it over,..... you can do as a Guest,... before Signing in as a member,..!

        Give it a try,. Would be nice to see old and new friends

        If you require Flight Following and need assistant,. Id be happy to help you with it

        delcomp,. one of the old men from FR24 Chat
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        (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

        1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)