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Fastest commercial flight you've tracked?

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  • Fastest commercial flight you've tracked?

    Some time ago, someone mentioned in an unrelated newsgroup how eastbound flights on the north trans-Atlantic route take advantage of the jetstream for a much higher ground speed than would otherwise be possible.

    Since then, I've occasionally checked that route and the fastest flight I've seen so far was a Boeing 777 going at 671 knots. This would be well into the supersonic range if it was the true airspeed which, of course, it isn't.

    More recently, I discovered a similar phenomenon over my area (eastern edge of India). Eastbound flights are routinely doing well over 550 kts while the poor westbounds often manage less than 400 kts. These are all long-haul flights at cruising altitude.

    What's the fastest ground speed you've personally tracked?

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    Right now there's an A340 reporting 99 kts at 38,000 ft and an A380 doing 81 kts at 35,000 ft. I've been seeing more and more of such anomalies lately.