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Does the death knell toll for the A380?

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  • Does the death knell toll for the A380?

    "Singapore Retires The First A380 Ever Delivered"

    Is this the beginning of the end of the Airbus A380 and other 'Super' aircraft?

    Singapore will be retiring their first five A380's but have a further five on order;


    Interesting times ahead for these aircraft and for airlines.
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    Within ten years there will be no quad-engined airliners flying passengers. Those that escape the scrapyard will be converted to freighters as is already happening.

    Boeing have no forward orders for the passenger B747 and Airbus have only enough orders for the A380 to sustain construction of less than one per month. Airbus additionally have a lot of A340s that they have bought back from the likes of Singapore Airlines as a sweetener to sell more A380s.

    Airlines want to run non-stop flights half way around the world carrying 400 or more people. That will need twins with even bigger, more complex engines. This will be all well and good until fate rather than statistics comes into play and a big twin has a double engine failure over the ocean. Of course it will be well within ETOPS limits and a double fail would not have been expected for a gazillion or so cycles but it will happen. These engines are not perfect pieces of engineering – even the RR engines used on the quad A380 have had serious issues such as QF32 where, but for the fact there were four of them as well as five pilots, the most likely result would have been disaster.

    Doesn’t matter what the ETOPS limit is - if both fans stop sucking air there will be only one, fairly quick ending.